After teaching eCommerce to small and medium sized-businesses on YouTube for many years, I felt like I covered everything I wanted in the space. I am excited to take the channel in a new direction ✨ 

I took a break from publishing regularly and focused on other digital marketing projects for the past three years, all while delving deep into a topic I am passionate about, something we all work for: Money

Questions like:

  • Where does money come from?
  • Why does it inflate away?
  • What we can do about it?

After years in this space now, I have found the following: Bitcoin changes everything. 

I believe the entrepreneurs who understand why Bitcoin (not “crypto”) represents a complete paradigm shift in money will be at a greater competitive advantage in the very near future, while building the world we all wish to see.

I am excited to share the answers to these questions with you as I believe they are very relevant, crucial questions for SMBs and the individuals in them working towards financial freedom.