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Hi I am Daniella and I am an Ecwid eCommerce expert offering Ecwid tutorials, tips and tricks. I have created over 100 Ecwid stores and have helped thousands of Ecwid store owners with the tutorial videos on YouTube (that have generated ~500k views). Subscribe on YouTube for Ecwid tutorials.


I have collaborated with the Ecwid eCommerce team on a number of projects, but I’m not an employee for their company – I just really like their product. In my free time I make videos and contribute to other websites. You can follow me and learn more by checking out the links below:

My Work Story

In my late teens I was living in France but desperately wanted to move. I had immigrated there with my family as a pre-teen, but I missed my home country, Canada. The only way I could fulfill my dream was to save up enough money, which I had none of.

While I was still in high school, I applied to a number of jobs, hoping to find work for the Summer. However, it’s hard to get hired in France if you do not “know someone”. The only company that got back to me was the Post Office, stating they do not hire students. After hours wasted, I decided it was time to take things into my own hands.

That’s when I truly discovered entrepreneurship. Throughout the end of high school to the end of University, I put my head down and hustled as hard as I could. I created my own jobs that perfectly fit my skills and interests. Here is a just a small list of things I did:

  • Flipped items from garage sales online (electronics, books, clothing, antiques, etc.)
  • Flipped French products online on American marketplaces
  • Dropshipping, but my own way: selling things that I liked, but did not have physically, and then buying them in-store and shipping them once they sold online. I felt like I had more control over quality this way.
  • Created and sold custom art
  • Provided computer courses to the elderly
  • Babysat French children in English
  • Tutored (English)
  • Taught English to adults and children
  • Translation services (French to English)
  • Created video montages for companies

At the same time I was carrying out all of these jobs, I was completing a double major degree in Law and English at University. This period was intense, but fun. My friends called me “Business Woman” (to be pronounced with a French accent for the full experience) because I would come to class with parcels if I didn’t have time to ship them before class.

A couple of years later, I got accepted for a Summer job in Quebec and had the time of my life. Between that job and all the side hustles I had worked on for six years straight, I was finally financially ready to move home.

When I got to Quebec, I started a project that got accepted to a business incubator. I was looking for a solution that could allow me to make a marketplace with independent merchants selling on the same platform. That’s when I was told about Ecwid eCommerce. I had already researched tons of eCommerce solutions and tested a vast amount of them. Nothing was user-friendly enough for the merchants I was serving, except Ecwid.

I took the next few years to build up and perfect my internet marketing skills and pivoted towards teaching Ecwid eCommerce while creating and assisting around one hundred Ecwid stores for a variety of merchants. That’s when I also started sharing my Ecwid knowledge on YouTube with tutorial videos. A couple of years later, I created a full in-depth Ecwid eCommerce course. I was also invited to speak on the Ecwid eCommerce podcast a couple times.

But I still remember what it was like when I started selling online over ten years ago – I had so many questions! Where do I start? What platform is the best for my needs? How do I set up shipping and make sure I get paid? And how much is this all going to cost? Can I really make money doing this?

If you have decided Ecwid is right for your business, you are in the right place. With a background in teaching and almost 15 years of eCommerce experience, every week I release Ecwid tutorial videos with insider tips, techniques, and hard-won lessons acquired by my clients and myself when it comes to building an online store quickly and easily.

I write for my website, daniella.io which is focused on helping eCommerce users get started with Ecwid, but I also write for Beginners Passive Income and animate the YouTube Channel. Beginners Passive Income is a site about passive income ideas for beginners.


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My Personal Story

There is no doubt I had always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I had observed and admired it in my parents and grandparents for many years. My grandparents are all Italian immigrants who arrived in Canada in the 50’s with next to nothing. They worked hard their entire lives to acquire key skills and financial stability.

My grandparent’s on my mom’s side are trilingual, have travelled extensively and can make Italian food classics like pros. My grandmother managed teams of catering staff and my grandfather worked hard his entire life, went to night school, took on side hustles, moved up the ranks in his job until he could provide for his family and comfortably retire. On my dad’s side, they created a business while being active in their community. My parents took on the daily operations of that business in the early 90’s.

I am proud to follow in their footsteps, having immigrated to France at a young age, and moved back to Canada in a Province I had never seen before. I am perfectly bilingual in English and French, and thanks to my grandparents, I can also carry a conversation in Italian.

After may years of searching, I am proud to have finally found a perfect balance between my passion for internet marketing, eCommerce and entrepreneurship. With a background in teaching and almost 15 years of eCommerce experience, YouTube has been the perfect platform for me to share what I have learned on my own time, and while working with other merchants.

My Portfolio

Here are some projects I have worked on for my own account or with Ecwid eCommerce. I do not work for Ecwid as an employee, but as an independent contractor, I have collaborated with their team on a few projects in the past. It’s always a pleasure to work with them!

Guest Blog Posts

Articles published on Ecwid’s eCommerce blog:

Articles published on Beginners Passive Income:


The Ecwid eCommerce podcast helps e-commerce store owners the way from their first sale to their first million dollars. Jesse Ness from Ecwid interviews store owners, experts, technology partners and everyone in between to deliver helpful advice to help you grow your business. Daniella.io was featured on two episodes of the Ecwid eCommerce Podcast. 

In this first episode, Jesse, Richie and Daniella have a discussion about how you can quickly build a merchant store to monetize your audience. This is an excellent way to monetize an audience if you run an Instagram or YouTube account. Podcasters may also be interested in finding ways to monetize their audience and we cover that with this awesome merchant store idea.

In the second episode, Jesse and Richie have a discussion with Daniella.io who has created 50+ videos about Ecwid tactics on YouTube on her favourite tips for Ecwid merchants. We cover the following in-depth with numerous examples so you can think of how to apply to your business:

  • Abandoned Cart Recovery Emails
  • Coupon Codes
  • Cross-sell/Upsell

The third episode is for you if you have a business idea but don’t know how to start, this episode will help you set goals for the New Year.

Audio Articles

The following are eCommerce podcast-style audio articles that I narrated for Ecwid, an incredible e-commerce solution, based upon articles from their blog. Have a listen if you would like to learn how to sell using Youtube, where to find a wholesale supplier for your online store or 25 proven contest ideas to promote your online business!

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Client Tutorials & Promo Videos

I had the chance to work with a few companies to create promotional and tutorial videos for them. Here are some samples of my work.

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