A Highly Effective SEO Strategy To Increase Traffic

I learned everything I know about successfully generating SEO traffic in Project 24 by Income School. This SEO method has helped me generate almost 500k monetizable page views to my various niche sites in less than 24 months! What is Project 24 by Income School? Income School LLC is a company based in Idaho run … Read more

HelpfulCrowd Review

HelpfulCrowd is an excellent app to automatically collect customer reviews in your Ecwid store. Not only will product reviews improve your online store’s authority and trustworthiness, they will also boost your SEO and average order value. Take advantage now of all the amazing features of HelpfulCrowd and start leveraging the power of product reviews for your eCommerce store.

Powerful Marketing Plugins in One App

Zotabox is a plugin that can be added to any website allowing you to add over 18 powerful marketing extensions to your website. Zotabox allows you to add popups, header bars, Facebook live messenger, slider bars, contact forms and more.

5 Awesome Ecwid Tips for WIX Site Owners

My 5 Ecwid tips for Wix site users are to save money by using Ecwid eCommerce in Wix, add menu links to your Ecwid store, resize the mini cart widget, use the horizontal category menu in Wix, and design your store to match your brand.

5 Ecwid Theme Solutions

Are you looking for Ecwid themes? There’s a reason you’re not finding what you’re looking for. They do not really exist. But you probably just want to customize your website and online store to match your brand. No worries, you are in the right place. This article is an extensive review of what “Ecwid Themes” are and how you can create yours.

3 Ways to Embed Your Ecwid Store

Being able to embed your Ecwid store means that you can add it to absolutely any website. All you need to do is copy the Ecwid embed code for your store, and paste it to a page on your site. It’s as easy as that! This is one of my absolute favorite Ecwid Commerce features.

Ecwid CSS Codes​ to Design Your Store

Illustrated Guide to Designing Your Ecwid Store With Ecwid CSS Codes​! If you are reading this post it’s probably because you are like me, you do not code. I will teach you exactly how to design your Ecwid store with Ecwid CSS Codes, no coding skills required.