10 Day eCommerce Challenge!

Create Your Online Store For a Fraction of The Cost!

Dreaming of selling online but don’t know where to start? Want to migrate your brick-and-mortar business online but not sure what to do? Tired of working with a web agency and want to take things into your own hands? This challenge is for you!

What You Will Get

  • Access to my Ecwid eCommerce Power Course ($297 value)
  • 15+ Bonuses: eBooks, Resources and Videos
  • 10 Group Coaching Sessions – Up to 1h Each ($1,500 value)
  • An Ecwid Instant Site that you can use to sell online in only 10 days ($10,000+ value*)

    Total value: $11,700+*

    *Common minimum cost of an eCommerce site when created by a web agency located in the USA. The cost of an eCommerce site in this case could be higher as time restreints (10 days) increase costs. Learn more about average costs to create an eCommerce website in this video.

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    Welcome & Introduction


    1. Complete Store Setup


    2. Create Your Products


    3. Design Your Store


    4. Set Up Payment Methods


    5. Create Your Ecwid Instant Site


    6. Omnichannel eCommerce


    7. Tour of The App Marketplace


    8. Generate Traffic & Sales


    9. Manage Sales & Orders


    10. Optimize Your Store With Analytics


    Bonus Videos


    Includes a Bundle of Resources & Bonuses!

    60+ Pages

    CSS codes to Change, Add, Remove and Edit Items. These codes can be used to further customize your Ecwid eCommerce store. Save hours searching for codes in the Ecwid forums and support site.

    15 Pages

    This eBook is all about cross-selling, up-selling and down-selling. Get ideas for your online business and learn how to implement them in Ecwid eCommerce.

    20 Pages

    This book contains 15 actionable ways to improve customer experience in your online store using the power of Ecwid. This ebook includes ideas and access to tutorial videos explaining how to provide better customer service and a smoother customer checkout process.
    This PDF document contains a consultation on WIX vs WordPress for those who would like to embed Ecwid to either of these platforms to expand their online store capabilities.

    65+ Pages

    Over 60 pages of tutorials, hands-on marketing strategies and Ecwid features to increase your eCommerce sales. Straightforward, to the point tutorials for Ecwid store owners and marketers to increase your ROI and conversion rates in your Ecwid store.

    10 Bonus Videos

    The course also includes 40 minutes of Bonus video content with videos about:

    • Selling during Covid-19
    • Updates & Reviews
    • Adding a Business to Google Maps
    • Translating an Ecwid Store
    • Getting a Store App

    Why Choose Daniella

    I have been selling online for over 10 years now, but I still remember what it was like when I first started. I had so many questions, how do I set up shipping and make sure I get paid? How can I centrally manage all my sales? How can I optimally design my online store?

    With a background in teaching and over 10 years of eCommerce experience, it is now my mission to share these answers with you, and more! In this course, I share my insider tips, techniques, short-cuts and hard-won lessons acquired by my clients and I when it comes to building an Ecwid store and selling online quickly.


    Ecwid Expert


    6 Hours of Exclusive Content in One Well-Organized, Easy-to-Follow Package.

    This Course Contains Well-Organized Lessons And Tips That Are Not Public

    Feedback About Daniella.io

    Without our eCommerce site, we would have missed out on over 1,000 orders since the mandatory brick-and-mortar store closures in our area due to Covid-19. If we have continued to be so successful and perform well during this time it is thanks our eCommerce store and our online independence! Thank you Daniella for teaching us!

    Marc Ricard, MysTea

    Challenge FAQ & Terms

    Please read the Challenge FAQ & Terms below to learn more about this challenge before reserving your place. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me via the following contact form https://daniella.io/contact/

    Who The Challenge is For

    This challenge is for small/medium-sized retail merchants or restaurant owners looking to sell products or services online internationally or locally, and who have decided Ecwid is right for them. This challenge is more specifically for motivated self-learners who want to launch their online business. You should have basic technical skills (not be afraid to learn a new eCommerce solution) but you do not have to have advanced skills. This challenge is great for those who want to create their online stores themselves with the benefit of professional coaching.

    This challenge is not for those expecting their site to be made for them (this is a coaching course, not a do-it-for-you service). This challenge is not for large corporations, anyone with very specific development requirements, or anyone in need of a booking system, ticketing system, POS system, a recurring billing subscription service (ex. subscription box), those looking to “get rich quick”, or those in need of a restaurant (table), spa or hotel management system.

    The video above can help you decide if Ecwid is right for your business. It consists in my latest Ecwid eCommerce webinar where I explain what Ecwid is, how it compares with the competition. I also provide a short setup tutorial.

    This course can be an excellent catalyst for those already using the Ecwid Instant site and who want to take their eCommerce to the next level. So yes, you could consider joining if you already have an Ecwid store and want to further design and market it.

    Sure! Those of you who already purchased my Ecwid eCommerce Power course can benefit from 97$ off of the cost of the challenge. Please reach out to me prior to purchasing so I can confirm your previous order and send you your discount code. No discounts will be provided after purchase.

    In order to carry out the course to full completion and create your entire online store, you should plan for at least 2 to 3 hours per day of the challenge (x10 days). 

    Group coaching calls will take place each day of the challenge and will last up to 1h each, but they are not mandatory, so your presence is not required. You can send in your questions and have them answered on the call without being there and listen to the answers via playback when you get the chance if you cannot attend live. This can save time if you would just like to listen to the answers to your questions only.

    Having the following is highly encouraged to save time and improve your overall experience participating in the challenge. Not having the following can slow down the speed at which you can complete the challenge and may force you to exceed 10 days. Therefore, prior to joining you should:

    • Be a motivated self-learner, interested in learning about eCommerce
    • Be interested and comfortable with learning new technology
    • Know which payment methods you would like to use and have accounts already setup with them (ex. PayPal, Stripe, Square…)
    • If you would like to have special rates, you should know which shipping methods you would like to use and have accounts already setup with them (ex. USPS, UPS, Fedex…) although this is not mandatory
    • Have Tax numbers / a registered business
    • Have your legal page content (Terms and Conditions, Return Policy, Privacy Policy…) prepared by a qualified professional located in an appropriate jurisdiction for your business
    • Have any graphic assets required for your online store (ex. logos, icons…)
    • Have product photos and descriptions ready to upload
    • Have prepared and ready accounts to third party services you would like to connect to your online store (ex. Amazon, eBay, Instagram and Facebook Business Pages).
    • Have reserved a domain name for your business if you would like to connect a custom .com or other to your online store (not mandatory).
    • Be willing to set aside 2 to 3 hours per day for 10 business days to fully participate in the challenge.

    I will do my best to coach you in setting up a fully functional Ecwid eCommerce Instant Site, but you understand that you are responsible for having any supporting content (ex. product descriptions, legal pages, tax numbers…) and accounts (ex. PayPal Business account, Stripe, shipping…).

    I will try to accommodate as many people as possible depending on availability and time zones. YouTube live chat times will be set in advance via a Google Form. However, if you cannot make it to the group chat in person, please do send your questions in advance. You will be able to access the coaching recording for playback. You can also delegate to a colleague if you would like for them to participate in your place.

    The challenge has a cost, however there may be other costs to consider in creating and launching your website. 

    You may also want to consider the monthly cost of an Ecwid eCommerce plan if you would like to have something more than the free plan and benefit from ongoing customer support and advanced features ($15 to $99/month). You may also want to consider costs for extra apps if you would like to use them (ex. POS integration and ongoing costs, app for customer reviews, marketing etc).

    You should also consider costs if you require working with an agency, developer or freelancer including (but not exclusive to) the following services: graphic design (ex. logo, icons), photography, translations or custom development. Those costs will vary depending on your specific business needs. Such things are not included in this course or offer. 

    You should also consider startup and ongoing business costs notably those of qualified professionals in your jurisdiction such as a CPA (ex. for tax regulations applicable to your eCommerce store), lawyer and/or attorney (ex. to draft out your digital store policies, terms and conditions, refund policies etc) and business specialists.

    You should also consider costs if you want to embed your Ecwid store to an external CMS (Content Management Systems) like WordPress, Squarespace or Wix. You will have costs to consider such as Content Management System (CMS) fees and/or hosting fees (for WordPress for example). This challenge is more for those who want to use the Ecwid Instant site to sell online to avoid the need for a CMS. If you want to build out a complete WordPress site for example, this challenge may not be for you.

    I always tell merchants to make their site for a low cost and save their money for marketing. Since you will be making a website for a low cost, you should in theory set aside money for marketing and SEO to drive traffic and sales.

    You understand that you may have to pay extra fees, depending on your specific business needs, to third parties of your choice for services that go beyond the scope of Ecwid eCommerce Instant Site setup coaching (ex. graphic design, development, product photography, apps…).

    Yes of course! If you have a direct team or employees working with you can delegate to them and share the workload. They are also free to join the coaching calls with you or in your place.

    However, you are not allowed to share the course outside your organisation and members of your organisation are not allowed to share the course outside your organisation. This includes using the course or group coaching videos to support customers, clients, or to assist other merchants. 

    If it is discovered that you have violated this rule by sharing the course or any other contents of the challenge (including group coaching videos) outside your organisation we will revoke your access to the course without refund.

    If you would like to refer the course to another merchant, feel free to get in touch with me after making your purchase. I have a small affiliate program available only for those who have purchased the course.

    This course has beginners in mind and the entire first part of the course (1 to 5) is very beginner oriented with basic and in-depth store setup. The second part of the course (6 to 10) contains details about more advanced features. So both beginners and advanced eCommerce users can find value in this course.

    I grew up in language immersion situations, am bilingual, and have a teaching degree. I am also very aware that my audience is international and may be composed of second language learners. That is why I made sure the course is at a comfortable pace and can be understood by non-native English speakers (at minimum level B2 CEFR English comprehension). The course is also very demonstrative, us being in the Ecwid backed most of the time. So English not being your native language should not be a problem. However, there are no subtitles.

    This course is specifically for small / medium sized businesses (generally considered businesses with less than 50 employees) that may even have physical locations like a brick and mortar store. This course is not intended for individuals looking to make passive income online specifically. If you are looking for a passive income course we highly recommend Project 24 by Income School.

    Challenge Contents

    * “Lifetime access” does not mean your lifetime, but the lifetime of the course. “Lifetime access” will end when the course is discontinued.

    ** This online store is the online store you will create during the challenge. Whether or not the store is functional and operational solely depends on your willingness and ability to do what is required. 

    The challenge is 10 business days long and will actually span over 12 days (including the weekend).

    Places are limited to 6 and will not be increased. The number of remaining places are visible on the product page (listed as the number of “items in stock”). This is an exclusive offer for a very limited amount of merchants in order to provide higher quality, more personalized service. Unlike other courses that promise limited spots and then increase their limits to accept everyone to increase their profits, this offer will truly only be exclusively open to only 6 merchants.

    Group coaching will take place via private YouTube live sessions. You will receive a link to join the YouTube live prior to the start of the live at a time and date set by the group in advance. No need to install anything and you will not be on camera. You will be able to (text) chat and ask questions in advance or on the live. I (Daniella) will be there in person to answer your questions for the daily challenge and coach you along your journey. 

    Please note that your questions and comments will be made public to the other members who joined the challenge. Whole or part of each private livestream session may also be made public in other challenges in the future publicly on YouTube. If you do not agree with this please do not join. 

    You can chat with other members who joined the challenge during our YouTube live sessions. Solely if parties consent from their own will, you may also get in touch with other members depending on how they have allowed you to get in touch with them (email, phone…). Please note, other members will see the name you provide, your public YouTube name, and other information you willingly share with the group such as your website link or location. We may also share these recorded coaching videos in other challenges and publicly in the future. 

    Please do not sign up if you do not agree with this.

    The contents of group live sessions will be tailored to specific individual needs as much as possible. The group will remain very exclusive (only 6 members in total) in order to provide as much personalized value as possible. Although this is a learning environment, from experience, I know too many workspaces and communication channels can become confusing and get out of hand. I would like to keep the focus and information as central and inclusive as possible. Therefore there will be no Slack channel, Facebook group or dedicated forum for group discussions. All group interactions will take place during the YouTube live sessions. However, nothing is keeping individual members from chatting outside the YouTube live sessions on their own terms, especially if they would like to encourage mutual business relations, motivate each other or assist each other in any way.

    Live chats where the group can interact will take place on YouTube and therefore group interactions are subject to the YouTube Community Guidelines. Mutual aid, respect and inclusion are highly encouraged. Any comments we deem as hate speech, harassment or cyberbullying will not be tolerated. If your comments violate YouTube’s Hate Speech and Community Guidelines and YouTube Policies, we will remove your comment and send you an email to let you know. We may also choose to block you from commenting and report your channel to YouTube for further review.

    If you do not agree with this, do not join the challenge.

    If ever you are blocked from commenting on live videos due to hate speech, you will still be able to watch the live coaching sessions but will not be able to comment. You will be encouraged to send your questions in by email so we can answer them, but not be allowed to interact with the group chat. Easily avoid this situation by respecting the rules set out by YouTube.

    I (Daniella) will be coaching the group. I will not be delegating the work to anyone and I will personally be there to share my Ecwid knowledge and experience with you directly.

    If you own a brick-and-mortar store and are currently using a POS (Point-of-Sale) system that you would like to connect to an online store, you may or may not be able to do so using Ecwid. Before joining, contact your POS provider and ask if they are integrated with Ecwid.

    If they are integrated with Ecwid by default: Awesome, be sure your POS customer support team can provide you the help you need in connecting your inventory to Ecwid (I will not be assisting with this since it is outside the scope of the challenge and is dependent on your POS provider). Since you will depend on your POS to populate your store with products, you will require their direct assistance with that part of the setup. You may also not have access to all features that will be discussed in the challenge (notably paid apps). Please reach out to them for more information on the service they can provide before getting started. 

    If your POS system does not integrated with Ecwid by default: This challenge is not for you, sorry. Creating a connection to a non-connected POS to Ecwid will incur high development costs and this is not the goal of the challenge. You can still use Ecwid and request custom development from their team but this is outside the scope of the challenge.

    So I will not be assisting with anything POS-related (ex. how to connect your inventory). If you have any POS-related questions before joining you can reach me via the contact form here

    No, this course is for those who want to use Ecwid eCommerce to sell online. I will not be teaching any other eCommerce solution.

    We will only be using the Ecwid Instant Site which does not come with a blog or the ability to create multiple pages. It is a complete eCommerce solution with an individual landing page that contains the content you need to get started selling online. We will not cover creating a blog or anything other than an Ecwid eCommerce Instant Site. If you require more than just what the Ecwid Instant site offers (CMS like WordPress or Wix), this course may not be for you. Please consider this before purchasing.

    This course and the consulting focus on the Ecwid eCommerce Instant Site only. Some of the course content covers other tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and apps such as MailChimp, HelpfulCrowd and Zotabox. However, I will not be teaching those tools specifically in this course.


    No. This course is focused on Ecwid eCommerce. I will not be showing how to create or setup other accounts such as PayPal, Stripe, Fedex, USPS, or MailChimp just to name a few. Your service provider choices are based on your own business needs, your accounts contain confidential information that I will not access, and are beyond the scope of this course.

    No. If you are looking for someone to create your online store for you, this challenge is not for you, please do not join. I will be coaching you along your journey of creating your online store on your own, not creating it for you.

    No. I will not access your store backend or seller control panel. I will not access any confidential or private area of your digital business including your Ecwid eCommerce seller control panel, domain registrar backend, hosting CPanel or any other account. If you require one-on-one assistance please contact Ecwid eCommerce directly or the support teams of the services you use.

    No. This site (https://daniella.io) and any derivative works, including the course and the content of each group live chat is for information purpose and will and does not provide legal, financial, business or tax advice.  For legal, financial, business, or tax advice, and making business decisions, please consult a licensed professional in your jurisdiction. Consult our Terms of Use for more information.

    Course Contents

    No, this course does not tell listeners what to sell online. As a business owner, you are responsible for your own business decisions, notably what you decide to sell online, to whom and by what means. If you are looking for a course that tells you what to sell online, and especially if you are an individual looking for a get rich quick scheme, this course is not for you, don’t buy it.

    This course talks a little bit about generating traffic via SEO means however, this is not an in-depth SEO course. If you are interested in an SEO course, we highly recommend Project 24 by Income School.


    No, this course does not teach dropshipping. However, there is a free dropshipping course on my YouTube channel, but it is not a business model I recommend for a number of reasons explained in that course. Do not purchase this course if you are looking specifically for dropshipping content.


    This course is not a get rich quick scheme and does not address individuals looking for such materials. This course is made for small and medium sized businesses that have the goal of setting up an online store and does not promise any income whatsoever. If you are an individual looking to get rich quick, this course is not for you, don’t buy it.


    One of the course’s goals is to train merchants to create their online store independently so they do not need to spend huge budgets on creating their online store. The goal is to help merchants save time and money so they can focus on marketing their online store which can yield more ROI.

    However, there is no guarantee you will not need to work with an agency or developer. If you require specific graphic elements (like a logo, icons, photos, etc) and/or if you require custom development (specific features, API connections to third party apps, etc), then you may need to work with a third party like an agency or developer, which will incur additional costs.


    No, the course is ad-free. So contrary to my YouTube channel, there are no ads on the videos in this course. If ever there are, just let me know I will be sure to disable them.


    If you miss a live YouTube chat session during the 10 day challenge this does not mean you are entitled to an other consultation with Daniella. Live sessions are up to 1h which is an estimated bracket as each live coaching session may be shorter (or longer) than 1h depending on questions and interactions. You will not be entitled to the remaining time or more time outside of the livestream if a session is shorter than 1h. If you miss a YouTube live during the challenge, you can send in your questions for answering in advance and watch the recording of the coaching session on playback.

    No, I will not provide ongoing customer support after the challenge. That being said, during the challenge I will be available to answer your questions during live YouTube chats for 1h x 10 days. I am also always available for any pre-sale questions and post-sale questions that have to do with accessing course content.

    However, as an Ecwid eCommerce user, you have access to Ecwid eCommerce’s customer support team! If you have a free Ecwid account, you can reach them by email, for those with a Venture plan, you can use email or chat, and those with any higher plan can also book a phone consultation with Ecwid eCommerce. And that customer support is included in your Ecwid eCommerce plan.

    Payments & Refunds

    You can pay via PayPal or Stripe (Credit Card). The checkout process is simple and managed by an Ecwid store of course!

    The course is only available in USD.


    This is a one time payment 🙂 You will only be charged once to have access to the course as long as it is available.


    A couple seconds after your order is placed, you will receive an email containing all the course content. This includes access to 60 videos that contain the course and all bonus materials including eBooks. You can download them to your computer by clicking on the links. Take note that the links expire after 48h or after 2 downloads. If you are having issues downloading the course after receiving it, please fill in our contact form https://daniella.io/contact/ for assistance.

    Refunds are not accepted on any downloadable / intangible products including eBooks, this course, coaching and this challenge. Since customers receive the course immediately after their purchase and it matches exactly what is stated on this sales page, refunds on digital goods are not accepted. 

    There will be 10 group coaching sessions on set dates and times and if you miss them there will be no refund or rain check. You can always send your questions in advance and watch the coaching sessions on playback if you miss a live recording.

    If you reserve your spot by placing an order for the 10 Day eCommerce Challenge! and then request a refund before the challenge starts, during or after the challenge, you will not receive a refund.

    Please do not purchase the course or join this challenge if you do not agree with these terms. 

    Learn more in our Store Policy and reach out at https://daniella.io/contact/ if you have questions prior to, or after purchasing.

    No. By placing an order and reserving your spot in the challenge, you explicitly attest that you understand that there are no refunds under any pretext, including not completing the challenge. You are solely responsible for completing the challenge and will not be refunded under any pretext, including for example, missing the coaching sessions, not completing the challenge, or not actually creating your online store in 10 days. 

    Please do not join the challenge if you do not agree with this.

    We offer “lifetime access”. The term “lifetime access” will end when the course is discontinued. “Lifetime access” does not mean your lifetime, but the lifetime of the course.


    The course is available internationally for download from our online store to everyone, except for residents of the Province of Quebec. Learn more in our Store Policy.


    Copyright & Guarantee

    No. Please do not take this copyrighted content and re-uplaod it somewhere else on the internet for your own profit. Do not re-create this same content and re-sell it under your own branding.

    You can share the course within your own business or organisation, so for example, you can use the course to train or support employees.

    However, you are not allowed to share the course outside your organisation and members of your organisation are not allowed to share the course outside your organisation. This includes using the course to support customers, clients, or to assist other merchants. If it is discovered you have violated this rule by sharing the course outside your organization we will revoke your access to the course without refund.

    If you would like to refer the course to another merchant, feel free to get in touch with me after making your purchase. I have a small affiliate program available only for those who have purchased the course

    No, this course was created by Daniella.io to facilitate merchant’s learning and setup of the Ecwid eCommerce platform. This site and course is not a part of Ecwid or Ecwid Inc. Daniella does not work for Ecwid and is an independent Ecwid expert. The Ecwid eCommerce interface, software and logos are trademarks of Ecwid Inc.


    We do not guarantee anything except that you will receive what is described on this sales page.

    We make absolutely no guarantee, expressed or implied, that by following the content available in the course you will have an online store at the end of the 10 day challenge, make any money or improve current profits, as there are several factors and variables that come into play regarding any given business.  

    Daniella will be present at each coaching session over the specified period of 10 days. However, you are solely responsible for carrying out the course contents to create your online store yourself. If you miss a coaching session there will be no entitlement to other or extra live sessions.

    Daniella will not be creating your store for you. We do not guarantee you will have a fully functional online store at the end of the 10 day challenge. The responsibility of execution is entirely up to you and only you. Also, as a friendly reminder, no refund requests will be accepted on any premises.

    If you do not agree with these terms, please do not join the challenge.

    Any results mentioned are not typical and we do not promise or guarantee your success. eCommerce businesses fail because they require hard work, dedication and skill among other things. Results will depend in part, but not only, on the nature of the product, marketplace, strategies, business model, execution, implementation, and situations that are beyond your control.  As with any business endeavour, you assume all risk related to investment and money based on your own discretion and at your own potential expense.

    These terms are subject to change. Consult our Terms of Use for more information.