10 Day eCommerce Challenge!

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Create Your Online Store in 10 Days for a Fraction of the Cost!

Dreaming of selling online but don’t know where to start? Want to migrate your brick-and-mortar business online but not sure what to do? Tired of working with a web agency and want to take things into your own hands? This challenge is for you.

Places are exclusively limited to only 6 members for higher quality, more personalized coaching. The challenge will take place from February 8th to February 19th 2021 with a two day pause on the weekend (February 13th and 14th). Enter your email to know when places will me made available for purchase!


In 10 Days


Low Cost


Using Ecwid

I have been saying the goal of my Ecwid eCommerce Power course is to help you create your online store faster, better and cheaper. Now is your chance to benefit from group coaching in order to help you create your online store faster (in only 10 days), better (using Ecwid eCommerce) and cheaper!

Would your eCommerce business be more likely to succeed by putting Daniella’s experience to work for you?

What You Will Get

I will coach you to successfully build and launch your online store in only 10 days!

70 Videos

Step-by-Step Tutorials

Up to 10 Hours

Of Group Coaching

50+ Tips

To Boost Income

  • Access to my Ecwid eCommerce Power Course ($297 value)
  • 10 Hours of Group Coaching With Daniella ($1,500 value)
  • Over 10 Bonuses: eBooks, resources & videos ($797 value)
  • An online store you can use to sell online in 10 days ($10,000+ value*)

Total value: $12,500+

*Common minimum cost of an eCommerce site when developed by a local web agency in the USA. The cost of an eCommerce site in this case would more than likely be higher as time restreints (10 days) increases costs. Learn more about average costs to create an eCommerce website in this video.

Why Join This Challenge

At the end of this challenge, you will have an online store you can use to sell online! You will have a URL you can send to customers with an online store, you will be able to take payments, ship products and more.

We will be using the Ecwid eCommerce Instant Site, and therefore your store will include:

  • Website Landing Page Builder (Ecwid Instant Site Only)
  • Included Hosting & SSL Security
  • Domain Name (not custom unless you have a paid plan and domain)
  • Ongoing Customer Support (from Ecwid eCommerce)
  • Ongoing Security & Updates (from Ecwid eCommerce)

Who is Daniella.io?

Ecwid eCommerce Expert

My name is Daniella and I am an Ecwid eCommerce expert. I have over 10 years eCommerce experience and have worked with many retail merchants in a variety of industries to help them build their online stores with Ecwid. My Ecwid eCommerce tutorials on YouTube have generated almost 500k views on YouTube. I do not work for Ecwid but I am passionate about eCommerce and their product! 🙂

eCommerce Challenge FAQ & Terms

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