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  • Orienting you towards adapted free Ecwid resources on my YouTube channel and on my blog
  • Orienting you towards adapted paid Ecwid eCommerce resources in my online store
  • Assisting you with any questions you may have with regards to any product you may have purchased in my online store
  • Any questions about our Policies or Terms of Use

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  • Development / Programming: I am not a developper. If you need development, feel free to request a quote from Ecwid directly, or contact me below, I can put you in touch with other developper Ecwid experts. Development and programming includes the following: payment gateway development, dropshipping connection development, and anything that has to do with the Ecwid API. Please keep in mind that development comes at a cost, and I will not be able to put you in touch with a resource offering free development (please do not contact me if this is what you are looking for).
  • Ecwid eCommerce Support Questions: I do not work for Ecwid eCommerce and I am sure you understand that, as enthusiastic as I am about the product, I am not a customer support agent and am not paid to provide free phone or email customer support. If you require assistance with store setup, or further assistance with Ecwid, feel free to check out Ecwid’s support site or to contact them directly. If you have a free plan, you can contact them by email, if you have a Venture plan you have access to email and live chat, and for those with a business plan or higher you can also book a (free) call with an Ecwid agent. Please keep in mind that due to the current global situation (Covid-19) Ecwid is experiencing a higher volume of customer support tickets and it may take a bit longer than usual for them to get back to you. Just be patient 🙂

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  • Any type of affiliate offer (I am not interested)
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