5 Ecwid Theme Solutions

Are you looking for Ecwid themes? There’s a reason you’re not finding what you’re looking for. They do not exist!

But you probably just want to customize your website and online store to match your brand. No worries, you are in the right place. This article is an extensive review of what “Ecwid Themes” are and how you can create yours.

What are “Ecwid Themes”?

Ecwid Themes, per se, do not actually exist. Contrary to WooCommerce and Shopify, you do not need a pre-made theme for your Ecwid Store. The reason is, Ecwid integrates any platform. Therefore, Ecwid Themes are not necessary. However, if you would like to design your Ecwid Store, there are many alternatives to a paid theme in order to do so.

What is Ecwid CSS?

Ecwid allows you to design your store using Ecwid CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) styles which design HTML code. Thanks to Ecwid CSS codes, you can customize the look and feel of your whole Ecwid store. The videos below demonstrate how to change your Ecwid store design.

All the Ecwid CSS Codes You Need

You will see throughout this article we will be talking about Codes. You can save time searching for codes in the Ecwid forums and support site by getting my Ecwid CSS Codes eBook. Learn how to Change, Add, Remove and Edit Items to design your ideal Ecwid eCommerce store in a couple copy/pastes.


#1. The Ecwid Design Panel

The first way you can design your Ecwid Store this is by using the built-in Ecwid Design Panel. In your Ecwid Control Panel:

  1. Head over to the Design tab
  2. Choose options to design your Ecwid Store

Note: If you are using Wix, changes made in the Ecwid backend may not show in the front end. The reason is you need to make these changes directly in Wix.

#2. New Ecwid Instant Site Themes

Ecwid recently released more options to design their instant site. They call these design options “themes” and they allow you to change the hero section of your Ecwid instant site (formerly the Ecwid starter site).

This solution will not be useful to you, however, if you are not using the Eciwd starter site as your online store. So keep reading for other solutions.

#3. Customize With CSS Codes

Ecwid CSS allows you to customize the look and feel of your Ecwid store. You do not actually have to code or program anything! All the code you need is available in my Ecwid CSS eBook, otherwise, you can look for codes on Eciwd’s support site or in their forums but this can be time consuming. You could also reach out to their support team and request codes in live chat if you have a paid plan.

To design your Ecwid store using Ecwid CSS codes:

  1. In Your Ecwid Control Panel
  2. Click on Design > Scroll to the bottom of the page
  3. Click on Create Your CSS Theme
  4. Click on Add New CSS Theme
  5. Copy the code you need, and paste it to the interface
  6. Save your changes
  7. Refresh your storefront and check out your new design! 🙂

If changes do not apply automatically, make sure to clear your browser cache. There are tons of codes on Ecwid’s support site in the forums. But some of the codes are outdated now because they made some recent changes.

Get over 110 Ecwid CSS codes in this eBook to customize your online store. All you have to do is copy-paste the code and adapt it to your needs. It’s a great way to allow you to create your custom Ecwid CSS theme and save time.  Learn more about Ecwid CSS Codes and store design in this article on my blog.

#4. Paid Apps

Another way you can create an Ecwid theme is using an app in Ecwid’s app marketplace. However, you will have to pay attention to pricing…

#5. Ecwid Theme Using a CMS

Now if you’ve tried all of these methods and you found that you weren’t able to customize your online store to match your brand the way that you would like then, here’s another alternative. You can use a CMS or a content management system. You might have already heard of WordPress, Wix or Weebly.  These are all Content Management Systems, and they allow you to create and design websites. Read on to learn more.

Ecwid Themes for WordPress

You might already be using WordPress and if you’re looking for an Ecwid-specific Theme to design your Ecwid store on WordPress. Bad news. You will find lots of things that exist online but they’re not Ecwid specific themes. They’re actually WooCommerce themes or general themes just for WordPress. But you can use any WordPress theme with Ecwid. 

A good example of that is my own website. Head over to daniella.io/store and you’ll see a normal WordPress website with a theme that is not WooCommerce compatible. It’s not an Ecwid specific theme either. It’s not an eCommerce theme in any way. It’s just a very simple WordPress theme, and then I added my Ecwid store right within that theme. 

What I’m getting to is that you don’t need an Ecwid specific theme to customize your WordPress site and integrate your online store. If you would like to design your Ecwid site quickly and easily, I love Elementor for WordPress. It allows you to build a custom WordPress theme quickly and easily!

Ecwid Themes for Wix Websites

Another content management system that you might want to have a look at is Wix. It’s important to know that if you’re using Ecwid with Wix then you don’t need Wix’s eCommerce solution and you don’t need their paid eCommerce themes. 

You can simply choose whichever Wix theme you would like and design it to match your brand. Wix is a great solution to go with if you would like to customize your online store and to match your brand quickly and easily. 

If you would like to learn more about how to customize your online store and design it to match your brand, please check out my Ecwid eCommerce Power Course. I also talk about the difference between WordPress and Wix in detail in that course. 

#5 Bonus – Custom Development

If you did not find what you are looking for in this article you may need custom development. For example, if you would  like to have:

  • A drop-down to select product quantities.
  • Oblige customers to select a certain quantity of products to be able to checkout.
  • Display slider buttons to scroll between products.
  • Change the way bulk pricing works.

If you are looking to change the way your Ecwid store works, then you will need to contact Ecwid and request custom feature development. They can also help out with the design of course, just reach out to them and let them know what you need and they can get back to you with a quote. You can also get in touch with me here. I may be able to help, but I may also refer you to other partner Ecwid experts who can help.

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