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Hi Ecwid users, hope you are well. This is Daniella from with a quick, Ecwid tip video for you. Like any other growing company, Ecwid has been a target for phishing emails. I actually received one yesterday and that is why I decided to make this video for you.

In this video, I am quickly going to go over ways to know you have a scam email in front of you, and what to do if you took action on one (like replied or clicked on a link).

Phishing emails attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames or passwords. It is not surprising Ecwid users may be targeted with a scam attempt. Ecwid offers a powerful solution and is a growing business. You just have to be smart about how you deal with these emails. Plus, it is actually pretty easy to spot the fake ones.

So here is the email I received:


And here are some easy ways to know it is fake:

  • The email address is not from Ecwid. I think that is the strongest indicator you can always count on. If you are afraid you received spam from any company, the first thing to do is make sure the email is actually from the company sending it to you – in this case the email should end with
  • I don’t know if you ever noticed but there are some pretty good designers on Ecwid’s team. Their emails are always polished and homogenous. The terrible choice of light blue writing for a title that lacks capital letters is an evident design and grammar fail that Ecwid would not make.
  • Same goes for the text underneath. Have you ever seen Ecwid use that font. No, neither have I. Terrible choice, colour and size. It just looks fake.
  • The button looks like it would be the right size and the right colour, but another design fail in this fake email would be the small, underlined font in the button.

So the only thing that could actually look correct with this email is the logo, which was probably taken from a Google search. The good thing is, your chances of spotting this email as being fake are high, because there are so many things wrong with it.

Ecwid is always on the lookout for these emails and notifies their clients if anything is up. I actually received the following email a couple months ago from their support team, so I wasn’t surprised when I saw this terrible looking phishing attempt appear in my inbox yesterday.


According to Ecwid, other scam attempt subject lines include :


So if ever you receive one of these emails:

  • Don’t panic.
  • Do not click on any links.
  • And just delete it.
  • You could also report the email to your service provider (like Gmail or Outlook) so that they may block such phishing attempt in the future.


If you did click on the link in the email and provided your info, quickly head over to your real Ecwid account and change your password.

If you have any further questions about this topic, feel free to contact Ecwid directly at

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