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STORE CLOSURE SALE: The course backend will be available until December 15 2022 after which its contents will be discontinued and no longer be accessible. You will still have access to the eBooks and downloads. You can create your online store following this course in 1 to 14 days* and it has a $296 value no coupon code necessary! Do not miss out! More info on the store closure here.

Create Your Store And Get More Sales

This course was designed to help business owners and internet entrepreneurs at every level of their eCommerce journey from 
creating their online store, to generating traffic and making sales

Create Your Store

I want to help you sell online in only 1 to 14 days! If you have worked with a web agency or developer to create an online store, you may know how long it can take – save yourself the hassle!

I want to put you in control so you can upkeep your store on your own. Agencies can hours to make small edits in your store for high costs. Do it yourself whenever you need to thanks to this course!

I want to help you make and maintain your store for way less money! Some agencies charge $10k+ for eCommerce! They also charge high costs for updates and support – spend way less money with this course!

Get More Sales

Without traffic you cannot get sales! Get traffic from high-traffic marketplaces, social media platforms, and search engines, via free and paid marketing.

You worked so hard to get traffic, it’s time to convert it to buyers! Discover over 50 ways to generate sales following step-by-step techniques and tutorials. 

I want to help you save time and money! Find out how your online business can be much more efficient with automations, optimizations, and more.

Get Way More Than The Free Content on YouTube!

Why would I pay for something I can find for free on your YouTube channel? Because there is WAY MORE content in this course than on my public channel. It is also much easier to follow this step-by-step process that I have tried and tested. And the lessons include a bunch of bonus tips I will never share publicly.

Get The Course Now!

Note: Prices are in USD. Canadians will be charged taxes at checkout

Have an Online Store That Sells in 1 to 14 Days*

*1 to 14 days is a goal, not a guarantee. We do not promise or guarantee your success. See our terms for more info.

Welcome & Introduction


1. Complete Store Setup


2. Create Your Products


3. Design Your Store


4. Set Up Payment Methods


5. Create Your Ecwid Instant Site


6. Omnichannel eCommerce


7. Tour of The App Marketplace


8. Generate Traffic & Sales


9. Manage Sales & Orders


10. Optimize Your Store With Analytics




Bonus Videos


Includes a Bundle of Resources & Bonuses!

65+ Pages

40 Ways to Increase Sales

Over 60 pages of tutorials, hands-on marketing strategies and Ecwid features to increase your eCommerce sales. Concise step-by-step tutorials for Ecwid store owners and marketers to increase their ROI, conversion rates and sales in an Ecwid store.

15 Pages

Cross-Selling Techniques

This eBook is all about cross-selling, up-selling and down-selling. Get ideas for your online business and learn how to implement them in Ecwid eCommerce. The eBook includes access to step-by-step tutorial videos and more.

60+ Pages

Improve Your Branding

CSS codes eBook to Change, Add, Remove and Edit Items and further customize your Ecwid eCommerce store. Save hours searching for codes in the Ecwid forums and support site.

20 Pages

Improve Customer Experience

This eBook contains 15 actionable ways to improve customer experience in your online store using the powerful Ecwid eCommerce features.

Worksheets & Checklists

Expand Your Website Capabilities

The course includes a worksheet on WIX vs WordPress for those who would like to embed their brand new Ecwid store to either of these platforms to expand their site. It also includes a useful checklist to speed up online store prep and help complete the course faster.

10 Bonus Videos

Get Even More Bonus Videos!

The course also includes over 1h of Bonus Video content covering:

  • Store Reviews to Learn From Others
  • Tips For Selling during Covid-19
  • Ecwid Updates & App Reviews
  • Translating Your Store
  • Getting a Mobile App & Much More!

Why Choose Daniella

I have been selling online for almost 15 years now, but I still remember what it was like when I first started. I had so many questions, like did I setup my store correctly?  How can I make my online store match my branding? How can I sell in multiple places online and save time? How can I get more sales?

With a background in teaching and recognized Ecwid Expert status, it is now my mission to share these answers with you, and more! In this course, I share my insider tips, techniques and hard-won lessons acquired by my clients and I when it comes to building an Ecwid store and selling online efficiently.

12k Subscribers

Teaching Ecwid for over 5 Years on YouTube with +750k views

Ecwid Expert

Recognized Ecwid eCommerce Expert 

worked with over 100 merchants

Save Money

Web agencies easily charge $10k for what you will create and would never share what I cover in this course!​

Feedback About The Course &

100% Recommend

“I loved the course and I really advise beginners to have a look, the price is extremely honest and you can learn a lot in this course. I 100% recommended.”

– Anonymous, Completed the course in August 2021

Amazing Course

“Amazing course, very honest on the price and the good part is that Daniella keeps the course up to date when there are changes.”

– Pensa Sempre Verde, Completed the course in October 2021

"Without our Ecwid store we would have missed out on over 2,000 orders since the mandatory brick-and-mortar store closures in our area due to Covid-19 last March. If we have continued to be so successful and perform well during this time it is thanks our online store and independence! Thank you Daniella for teaching us!"

Marc Ricard, Co-Owner MysTea (March 2021)

Would your eCommerce business be more likely to succeed by putting Daniella’s experience to work for you?

Course FAQ: Answers to Common Questions

Who The Course is For

  • This course is ideal for small and medium-sized business owners who want to be able create and manage their online store on their own, especially those in retail or restaurant sectors.
  • If you already have a website and want to add eCommerce this course can be very helpful!
  • This course may be useful to you are currently using Ecwid and would like to improve your setup, store design, traffic and sales
  • It can be great for internet marketers or agencies that would like to expand their offers and provide eCommerce services.
  • It ca be great for non-profits who would like to create an online store for a low cost.

This course will especially provide value to those who are self taught or self learners. If you like to have control over their business operations, if you are willing to put in the work, if you want to save time and money, if you would like to manage your eCommerce independently, you will love this course.

However, do not take this course if you’re a developer looking for technical details about Ecwid (ie. API info). And do not take this course if you are an individual looking for a “get rich quick” scheme.

This course has beginners in mind and the entire first part of the course (1 to 5) is very beginner oriented with basic and in-depth store setup. The second part of the course (6 to 10) contains details about more advanced features. So both beginners and advanced eCommerce users can find value in this course.


I grew up in language immersion situations, am bilingual, and have a teaching degree. I am also very aware that my audience is international and may be composed of second language learners. That is why I made sure the course is at a comfortable pace and can be understood by non-native English speakers (at minimum level B2 CEFR English comprehension). The course is also very demonstrative, us being in the Ecwid backed most of the time. So English not being your native language should not be a problem. However, there are no subtitles.

This course is specifically for small / medium sized businesses (generally considered businesses with less than 50 employees) that may even have physical locations like a brick and mortar store.

This course is not intended for individuals looking to make passive income online specifically. If you are looking for a passive income course we highly recommend Project 24 by Income School.

Payments & Refunds

You can pay via PayPal or Stripe (Credit Card). The checkout process is simple and managed by an Ecwid store of course!



The course is only available in USD.

For those located in Canada, PayPal or Stripe may charge conversion fees.

This is a one time payment 🙂 You will only be charged once to have access to the course as long as it is available.


A couple seconds after your order is placed, you will receive a few emails containing all the course content.

One email will contain all bonus eBooks and a Read Me document explaining how to access the course. You can download all these documents to your computer by clicking on the links.

Take note that the links expire after 48h or after 2 downloads. If you are having issues downloading the course after receiving it, please fill in our contact form for assistance.

You will also receive an email explaining how to access the course with a username and password.

Refunds are not accepted on any downloadable products including eBooks and this course. Since customers receive their order immediately after their purchase and it matches exactly what is stated on this sales page, refunds on digital goods are not accepted. Please do not purchase the course if you do not agree with this. Learn more in our Store Policy and reach out at if you have questions prior to, or after purchasing.


We offer “lifetime access”. The term “lifetime access” will end when the course is discontinued. “Lifetime access” does not mean your lifetime, but the lifetime of the course.

JUNE 2022 UPDATE – The course backend will be available until December 15 2022 after which its contents will be discontinued and no longer be accessible. You will still have access to the eBooks and downloads.

The course is available internationally for download from our online store to everyone, except for residents of the Province of Quebec. Learn more in our Store Policy.


If you are located in Canada, you will be charged taxes at checkout which will increase the order cost. You will be charged in USD and PayPal or Stripe may convert the course cost based on the day’s US/CAD conversion rates set by PayPal or Stripe before checking out. You can then decide if the course cost is adapted to your budget, and you have the option to not place your order if it is not.

Course Contents

I will gladly answer any questions you have in YouTube comments on the course (you can leave your questions in the course videos). I am also always available for any pre-sale questions and post-sale questions that have to do with accessing course content.

However, purchasing the course does not create a business relationship in any way, and does not include any ongoing customer support, advice (free or paid) or consultations.

But, as an Ecwid eCommerce user, you have access to Ecwid eCommerce’s customer support team! If you have a free Ecwid account, you can reach them by email, for those with a Venture plan, you can use email or chat, and those with any higher plan can also book a phone consultation with Ecwid eCommerce. And that customer support is included in your Ecwid eCommerce plan.

No, this course does not tell listeners what to sell online. As a business owner, you are responsible for your own business decisions, notably what you decide to sell online, to whom and by what means. If you are looking for a course that tells you what to sell online, and especially if you are an individual looking for a get rich quick scheme, this course is not for you, don’t buy it.


This course talks a little bit about generating traffic via SEO means however, this is not an in-depth SEO course. If you are interested in an SEO course, we highly recommend Project 24 by Income School.


No, this course does not teach dropshipping. However, there is a free dropshipping course on my YouTube channel, but it is not a business model I recommend for a number of reasons explained in that course. Do not purchase this course if you are looking specifically for dropshipping content.


This course is not a get rich quick scheme and does not address individuals looking for such materials. This course is made for small and medium sized businesses that have the goal of setting up an online store and does not promise any income whatsoever. If you are an individual looking to get rich quick, this course is not for you, don’t buy it.


The course can be executed in one day (about 6 to 8 hours) for someone who learns quickly, is proficient with technology, already has the required assets (ex. product photos, descriptions) and third party accounts setup (ex. PayPal, Stripe…) and has few products to create.

For most people, the course can be carried out at a slower pace, day-by-day and module-by-module in 10 to 14 days.

However, these are only general goals, not guarantees.

How long it actually takes you to create your online store will depend on a variety of factors such as number of products, integration and app needs, connectons to third party marketplaces, need for custom development, time invested, motivation, skill, dedication and personal will.

One of the course’s goals is to train merchants to create their online store independently so they do not need to spend huge budgets on creating their online store. The goal is to help merchants save time and money so they can focus on marketing their online store which can yield more ROI.

However, there is no guarantee you will not need to work with an agency or developer. If you require specific graphic elements (like a logo, icons, photos, etc) and/or if you require custom development (specific features, API connections to third party apps, etc), then you may need to work with a third party like an agency or developer, which will incur additional costs.


No, the course is ad-free. So contrary to my YouTube channel, there are no ads on the videos in this course. If ever there are, just let me know I will be sure to disable them.


The course is based on Version V26.5-33746 (Nov. 2018) and includes yearly updates (subject to change without notice).

Copyright & Guarantee

No. Please do not take this copyrighted content and re-uplaod it somewhere else on the internet for your own profit. Do not re-create this same content and re-sell it under your own branding.

You can share the course within your own business or organisation, so for example, you can use the course to train or support employees.

However, you are not allowed to share the course outside your organisation and members of your organisation are not allowed to share the course outside your organisation. This includes using the course to support customers, clients, or to assist other merchants. If it is discovered you have violated this rule by sharing the course outside your organization we will revoke your access to the course without refund.

If you would like to refer the course to another merchant, feel free to get in touch with me after making your purchase. I have a small affiliate program available only for those who have purchased the course

No, this course was created by to facilitate merchant’s learning and setup of the Ecwid eCommerce platform. This site and course is not a part of Ecwid or Ecwid Inc. Daniella does not work for Ecwid and is an independent Ecwid expert. The Ecwid eCommerce interface, software and logos are trademarks of Ecwid Inc.


We do not guarantee anything except that you will receive the full course described on this sales page to the email you chose at checkout after making your payment. 

We make absolutely no guarantee, expressed or implied, that by following the content available in the course you make any money or improve current profits, as there are several factors and variables that come into play regarding any given business.  

If you do not agree with these terms, please do not purchase the course or join the challenge.

Any results mentioned are not typical and we do not promise or guarantee your success. eCommerce businesses fail because they require hard work, dedication and skill among other things. Results will depend in part, but not only, on the nature of the product, marketplace, strategies, business model, execution, implementation, and situations that are beyond your control.  As with any business endeavour, you assume all risk related to investment and money based on your own discretion and at your own potential expense.

These terms are subject to change. Consult our Terms of Use for more information.