Ecwid Tutorial: Your Online Shop in Less than 10 Minutes!

This Ecwid tutorial will teach you how to build a powerful eCommerce store in a couple minutes. Ecwid is an online sales solution that enables you to add a store to any website or Facebook page! Ecwid is an ideal online sales tool that is simple, intuitive, fully responsive and very complete and flexible. It is perfect for first time online sellers.



How to Create Your Online Shop in Less than 10 Minutes!


Here are the few simple steps to follow to create your online shop!

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Video Transcript:

Hi, this is Daniella from and today I am going to show you how to make an online store in less than 5 minutes!

Ecwid is an online shopping cart solution. It is also an extremely simple and intuitive online sales tool.  You are going to love Ecwid! Especially if you are frustrated with your current sales solution or if you have never sold anything online before.

Start by opening an account following the link below. Once your account is open you will wind up in the seller dashboard. Click on Catalogue at the top of the page. You will be able to add products and categories from here.

You can add up to ten products and two categories with the free version of Ecwid, however, there are tons of  workarounds to not pay Ecwid at all. Check out for information more on that. Add the title and the photo of your category. For this example are going to imagine we are selling t shirts.

Go into the “Products” tab and click on “Add new product.” Start by adding the photo of your first product. Then add a title, a compelling description and the base price. You will also be able to add a video to the description or code (like a google calendar). SKU corresponds to your inventory number. Do not forget to add the weights of your products. I will explain why this is very important later on.

After having filled out all the “General” fields, head over to attributes and fill in whatever you find pertinent there. Imagine we are selling different sized and colours of t-shirts. We can add such options to the “Option” tab. Just add your options here. S, M, L… For example, if the XL size is 5$ more than the 10$ base price, then add 5$ to this option using the plus sign.

To add other photos to your products, go to “Gallery” and add your photos. Save your changes. 

Would you like to see what your site looks like? Head over to “Settings” and click on “Starter Site” to see your site’s front end like a client who is going to purchase from you. I suggest you always keep this window open to track the progression of your work. By the way, if you do not have a website, you can use this link to sell online as if it were your own website!

Go to the “Settings” tab to configure your site. Start under “General” and “Store Profile.” Fill in all the fields. Change your store URL and logo at the bottom of the page under “Starter Site.” Change the units and formats for your store if you need to under “Formats & Units.” Choose the language for your store under “Langages.” Ecwid adapts to your clients language depending on their location, however, if it cannot find their language Ecwid will select to the default language you chose here.

Change your cart settings under the “Cart” tab if necessary (this section is usually does not really need any configuration). Go to the “Legal Pages” tab and add your legal info.

While still under “Settings” go to “Zones.” This is here you can choose your shipping zones if needed. Just add the places you may ship your products to.

There are tons of shipping options in Ecwid. What is really cool is that they offer automatic shipping calculations for UPS, USPS, Fedex and Canada Post among others. This is where the weights of your products is essential. Ecwid will calculate the cost of shipping based on the weights you entered on the product page. You can use default shipping costs or add your negotiated company rates.

You normally have to have a paid Ecwid account to add “Handling Fees,” however, head over to where I show you how to add handling fees without having to pay for an Ecwid account.

If you wish to charge taxes, go to the “Taxes” tab and add what you need to there.

Add your Paypal account under “Payments”, and any other payment methods you wish to accept. Ecwid also sends out automatic emails when you make a sale or ship a product. You can customise your emails under the “Mail” tab. Add a logo to your Invoice and you are done!

Reload your store page and check out the changes that were automatically made for you! You can now add your store to your website and Facebook page. Learn how to do that at

Happy selling!

A Few Incredible Advantages of having an Ecwid Store

  • Ecwid offers a highly complete free version
  • Their platform is simple and intuitive
  • Ecwid never takes any commissions on your sales
  • Ecwid stores easily integrate any website and is fully responsive
  • You can sell your products on Facebook with Ecwid! 


Open your Online Store Now