Ecwid vs Shopify | Ecwid Review (2019)


So you are looking for an eCommerce solution and you keep seeing Shopify everywhere.

And then you saw Ecwid and you were like – how do you even pronounce that?

Ecwid is a hidden gem! And it may be a MUCH better eCommerce solution for you than Shopify.

At the end of this post you will have a clear path to making a smart decision in knowing if Ecwid or Shopify is more adapted to your eCommerce needs.



What are Ecwid & Shopify?

Shopify is a combination of an online store builder and eCommerce solution. Ecwid is a powerful eCommerce solution that offers a standard eCommerce landing page. Both are cloud, and web based, allowing you to take your online store with you anywhere in the world.

Shopify stores only work on Shopify so once you start you get locked in. Ecwid plugs into practically any website builder and can allow you to sell in multiple places online at the same time. It’s super powerful if you want to sell on your WordPress, Wix, Weebly or partner’s sites. Both have social and marketplace eCommerce capabilities.



Ecwid literally takes 5 minutes to setup. Not joking there is a video on my channel where I show you how to open a store, create two products, accept payment methods, setup taxes and shipping in less than 5 minutes in Ecwid. Watch it you will be astonished. However, the setup process in Shopify is MUCH longer and may even require you hire a developer if you don’t have any technical skills.



The shopify App Market definitely has more apps than Ecwid. But Ecwid is laser focused on being an awesome eCommerce solution and therefore has more baked in features than Shopify. Ecwid’s product options are much more powerful than shopify allowing unlimited options in free or paid plans. You can add text boxes, radio buttons, multi choices options. It’s really powerful. Whereas Shopify has basic features and then charges you extra for all those extra app integrations.



Speaking of pricing, Ecwid offers a free plan, which is forever free. So if you have less than 10 products and don’t need advanced features, you can use their solution for free, whereas Shopify is only free for 14 days. Shopify takes fees on your sales. Ecwid never takes any commissions on your sales and that can be a huge advantage if you have a certain volume of sales. Shopify may seem cheaper at start, but can become much more expensive than Ecwid depending on what you add to your store. Ecwid offers clear transparent pricing that is very affordable.


User Experience

Ecwid offers stellar user experience. If you have no technical development skills or don’t know how to code, you will love working with Ecwid. It’s very simple and intuitive. Ecwid’s setup guide will help you through the process of setting up your store. Shopify is fairly easy to use but may require development or more technical skills


A huge advantage of Ecwid is it’s language availability. The seller control panel in Ecwid is available in over 50 languages whereas Shopify is only available in English, French, German, and Japanese. Depending on your client’s browser language, Ecwid automatically translates emails into 12 languages including German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch. And parts of your storefront will also translate into over 50 languages! Whereas in Shopify, you have to do this manually, and may not be able to translate things if your theme does not support it.



Ecwid is a better choice for you if:

You already have a website and do not want to start over from scratch. If you just want to add eCommece capabilities to your current site Ecwid is the right choice for sure.

  • If you want to benefit from a free plan instead of a free trial
  • If you want to get selling quickly and easily
  • If you don’t want to pay extra fees on your sales
  • If you are a small or medium sized business owner
  • If you do not want to hire a web agency or developer to create your online store


Give Ecwid a try for free, no credit card required, by clicking on the card above.

If you want to learn how to setup Ecwid in one day, check out my Ecwid eCommerce Power Course that provides 60 up to date videos on how to setup Ecwid and get sales starting day one!

If you want a more detailed review of Ecwid vs. Shopify, than check the link below to view see my blog article that goes into more detail.

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