The Ultimate Ecwid Tutorial

At the end of this article, you will have an online store you can use to sell online today! Literally, you will have a link that you can share with your customers. If you follow the tutorial in the video below, you will have a custom-designed store, be able to ship products and take payments. 

Watch the video above for the full summary of this article
with visual demonstrations of what is discussed below!

I’m going to show you how to do all of this for free. I’ll talk more about that in the article, so keep reading. Here is what you’re going to learn about in this article. We will talk about:

  • What Ecwid Commerce is
  • Who Ecwid is for (I’ll also cover who it’s not for in the section)
  • Ecwid eCommerce vs the competition, more specifically Ecwid vs Shopify, WooCommerce, and Bigcommerce.
  • Ecwid Commerce store examples

Let’s dive it.

What is Ecwid eCommerce?

Ecwid eCommerce is an online store builder made for small and medium-sized businesses. Ecwid means “eCommerce widget” and has the unique value proposition of being able to add powerful eCommerce features to existing websites by embedding them. Ecwid also provides an eCommerce builder for those without an online store.

You can use just Ecwid eCommerce as the solution to create your online store, and that’s what I’m going to show you how to do today. But you can also connect it to Facebook, Instagram shopping to tag products in photos and stories.

You can also connect your central online store to Amazon and eBay using a third-party app. You can also connect it to your POS system if you have a brick-and-mortar store, and this allows for an incredible ecosystem where you can manage your online store from one place in multiple places online. That is one of my favourite features of Ecwid eCommerce. 

Another thing you can do with Ecwid is to embed your store into an existing website. So if you already have a WordPress site or a Wix website you can take your Ecwid store and place that into your existing website.

Is Ecwid eCommerce Legit?

Yes, Ecwid eCommerce is legit and is now over 10 years old. The company was founded in 2009, and since then, they have had over 1.5 million users on their platform. Ecwid also recently raised 4.2 million to continue helping small and medium-sized businesses sell online by expanding their business.

Ecwid has teams based in Russia, California and in Asia, and one of their most powerful features is the fact that they can translate to so many different languages. They can actually translate the front end of your store, so for your customer, into over 50 languages, and the back end (so where you, the store owner, can manage your online store) into over 20 languages. 

Does Ecwid Provide Customer Support?

Ecwid eCommerce does provide customer support. Those with a free plan you have access to Ecwid by email. All paid plans include chat support 24/7 Monday to Friday and in the higher-tiered plans, you can also have access to phone support.

Ecwid eCommerce is a supported solution, which means that if you need assistance and help building your online store, you can reach out to their customer support team. Now, this is extremely important because a lot of small and medium-sized businesses turn to web agencies. But what they don’t realize that they’re going to pay a lot of money every time they reach out to that web agency. So if you want to change the title in your online store a picture you might be dependent on them and have to pay every time. Whereas with Ecwid eCommerce you have way more control over your online store.

Do I need a Paid Ecwid Plan?

Ecwid has a forever free plan, a Venture plan at $15/month, a Business plan at $35/month and an Unlimited plan at $99/month. If you have a budget to invest, it is worth getting a paid plan. Most people start with a Venture plan and upgrade to a Business plan once profitable.

And so Ecwid’s business model is based on a “freemium” business model. What that means is that you can sign up for free and use their services for free, and you can do a lot of things with the free plan. I’m going to show you exactly how to set that up today. But if you want to have more advanced features, then you can get a paid plan. So a lot of people sign up for the free plan, they really like it, they test it out, and then they want to have access to the paid plans once they start to make a little bit of money. 

If you’re a self-learner and you are interested in having an online store, definitely check out my Ecwid eCommerce Power course. The goal of that course is to teach you how to create an online store better, faster, and cheaper than working with a web agency, so you can have your online Independence. So if you like the contents of today’s video, definitely check out that course, it really takes today’s video a huge leap further.

Who is Ecwid eCommerce For?

Small and medium-sized businesses are Ecwid eCommerce’s target market. Now most often, what qualifies as small and medium-sized businesses are businesses that have 1 to 50 employees. And more specifically, the industries that Ecwid eCommerce serves very well are retail and restaurants.

May that be people selling food products like tea, home products like candles, beauty products, car products, clothing and even digital products. Digital products are anything that you can download, so if you are selling PDF documents, any music files or video files, you can use Ecwid eCommerce to sell them online. 

I also recommend Ecwid eCommerce to businesses who want their online independence. So if you like to have control over your online store, over your business processes, then you’ll probably enjoy using Ecwid eCommerce. One of the reasons for that is a very quick and easy setup. There’s no huge learning curve, once you get into Ecwid it’s very straightforward, you just click on the different options. I’m going to be showing you that in detail in a couple minutes. 

Who is Ecwid Not For?

Now I am going to talk about who I do not recommend Ecwid eCommerce to. And this is from a lot of experience teaching and using the platform. I do not recommend Ecwid eCommerce to people who have reservation-based service businesses. So let’s say you are a hairdresser and you want to be able to book different timings with clients for different hairdressers and you want to be able to have all of that seamlessly work with your online store. Ecwid is not a complete booking system.

However, if you are a hairdresser and you’re selling hair products, then you can easily use Ecwid to sell those products online. But if you are planning on doing booking, it’s not made for that. I also have a use case where we use Ecwid eCommerce for ticket sales, and it worked, but it wasn’t the greatest user experience for the people selling the tickets. The reason being, it’s not a ticketing system. 

Also, I don’t recommend Ecwid eCommerce to large corporations. It’s not really their target market, and most often those kinds of businesses have a big enough budget to be able to go with solutions that are custom, built in-house, or that have developers or agencies that work on their eCommerce them. So if you own a large corporation Ecwid, may not be adapted to your needs.

I don’t recommend Ecwid to those who have very specific development requirements. If you want to have an online store that does these insane things that aren’t done right now in the web, that are complex or that have very specific custom development requirements, then Ecwid may not be for you. However, they do offer in-house development services.

Now these are very specific use cases in most cases. In most cases Ecwid eCommerce replies to the needs of those in retail and in restaurants. Of course, before you choose any e-commerce solution, definitely carry out your own due diligence and make sure that it answers your specific business needs. And keep in mind that some of the information in this video might be outdated at the time it’s watched, so definitely just go head over to Ecwid eCommerce and check out their website to see if it replies to your needs.

Ecwid eCommerce vs The Competition

Ecwid’s target audience is small and medium-sized businesses. It’s very accessible to anyone to get started selling online because there’s no big learning curve to understand how their platform works. Ecwid is a software-as-a-service solution so when you sign up you automatically wind up in their free plan, and if you want you can upgrade to a paid plan. 

Now, whenever there’s a new development, whenever there’s new things that are available in Ecwid, you automatically have access to them. Of course, some things are only available in certain plans, it depends on what plan you have, but if there’s updates every Ecwid eCommerce user has access to them. That’s the beauty of software-as-a-service solutions. 

Ecwid does not take transaction fees on your sales. And it’s a complete eCommere solution. You can sell in multiple places online. And they have a lot of really cool marketing integration that you can use to be able to easily market your online store, may that be with Google shopping or Facebook. You can also embed Ecwid eCommerce to an existing website, and this is a very unique feature of Ecwid. And you can manage your store on the go with your phone. 

Ecwid vs Shopify

Ecwid eCommerce is a complete eCommerce solution made for small and medium size businesses whereas Shopify is a bare-bones solution made for newbies who want to sell online. Ecwid offers a forever free plan whereas Shopify only has a free trial. Shopify charges fees on sales, Ecwid does not.

Shopify is a very bare-bones solution which means that when you sign up for Shopify you have a very basic e-commerce solution, and if you want to be able to have more advanced features most often you have to use a lot of third-party apps and plug-ins to be able to upgrade your online store.

Shopify also does not have a forever free plan, so if you sign up for Shopify you have access to a 14-day free trial, and not a forever free plan. But what happens is, after you start that trial, you will have to pay for Shopify to continue to use it. Their plans are also more expensive than Ecwid in general.

And Shopify takes transaction fees on your sales. It’s very easy to get locked into Shopify since you can’t take an entire Shopify store and embedded in another solution. Shopify’s target market is more oriented towards medium and larger size businesses. And they’re not as strong internationally as Ecwid eCommerce is as they don’t have all those multilingual features that Ecwid has. 

Ecwid vs WooCommerce

Now let’s talk more about WooCommerce. WooCommerce’s target market is also small and medium-sized businesses, but is more oriented towards developers. WooCommerce is generally difficult for beginners and requires merchants to handle maintenance and hosting themselves. It looks cheap at the beginning but once you get started with WooCommerce you can actually easily crash your online store.

WooCommerce is also limited to WordPress but if you have an Ecwid store you can easily embed Ecwid to a WordPress, or any other site. So you don’t have to rely on WooCommerce only be able to sell on WordPress you can also use Ecwid. So the biggest problem in my opinion with WooCommerce is your online Independence. If you’re not a developer yourself and you don’t have those technical skills, are you willing to work with a developer and pay them an ongoing fee to be able to maintain and update your online store? 

Keep in mind that Ecwid is a software-as-a-service solution, so if you sign up with Ecwid they’re going to take care of all of that backend stuff for you. They do all of the software updates they make sure Ecwid is secure, all of those things are taken care of. And with Ecwid you are just paying a recurring monthly fee that is fixed. Whereas if you work with a developer is going to incur different costs that may vary month to month.

Ecwid vs BigCommerce

Now let’s talk about Bigcommerce. Bigcommerce is oriented towards larger corporations. It is also more oriented towards people with more advanced technical skills. Unlike Ecwid, Bigcommerce cannot integrate to an existing website. And generally the platform is much more expensive than Ecwid eCommerce. 

Now keep in mind these things might change in the future so you definitely want to carry all your own due diligence before choosing an e-commerce platform for your specific businesses needs.

But Ecwid eCommerce is my favourite e-commerce solution for small and medium-sized businesses. I’m going to show you some more Ecwid eCommerce examples and then demo how to set it up so you can have an online store and get started selling today. But before we go any further I feel like I should introduce myself a little bit more.

Ecwid Store Examples

Let’s have a look at a couple Ecwid eCommerce store examples.

Let’s first have a look at their Instant Site. As you can see here the Ecwid eCommerce Instant Site has a beautiful website layout. At the top of the page you can configure it in a variety of different ways. In the background you can put an image, you can put a video, you can just so many different things. You can change the fonts, the colours of the button. There are lots of different ways that you can configure it to match your branding. This is the website I’m going to show you how to set up in this webinar. 

Embed Ecwid to an Existing Website

At the beginning of this article, I told you that you can embed Ecwid eCommerce to a variety of different websites. I’m just going to show you an example in WIX now. But this is applicable to WordPress, WIX, Weebly – no matter what content management system you would like to embed Ecwid eCommerce to, there’s probably a plug-in to be able to do so. This is still relevant information even if you don’t have a website yet, and you’re planning on using the Instant Site. 

So as you can see here this is a WIX website, but we have an Ecwid eCommerce store embedded in it. So it’s pretty much just an app that’s available in the WIX Marketplace. It’s super easy and quick to set up. The storefront is extremely well presented so it’s easy to navigate for your customers, and it’s customizable to match your branding. Now this storefront particularly is also available on Facebook and Instagram because we connected that Ecwid store to a Facebook Store and Instagram Shopping.

Add eCommerce to Instagram & Facebook 

Here is an example of that exact same store in Facebook, and in Instagram. As you can see here the images have become interactive. You can purchase a product directly from an image. It’s absolutely amazing. And I also talked about how Ecwid Works in WordPress. I’m going to show you how Ecwid looks in WordPress. So this is just my online store. But keep in mind, you can customize this to match your branding. Here are some ways that you can customize your Ecwid store backend. This is a quick overview I’m going to go into much more detail about this later on in this video. 

As you can see you can change the design and the layouts. You can change the size of the images. You can also change the colours in your online store, if you want to change the colours of the fonts, you want to change what’s written on the buttons, you can also do that. Ecwid is very flexible. And of course if you have any specific design requirements, you can always reach out to their team. They’re there to help out. 

Top Ecwid eCommerce Features

First of all, omni-channel e-commerce. I talked about that a little bit more at the beginning of this video, but this has to do with Ecwid eCommerce’s ability to integrate multiple sales channels. So let’s say what do you want to sell on Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Instagram Shopping, you can do that centrally from Ecwid e-commerce. So instead of managing a store individually in all of these different places, you can manage them centrally from Ecwid eCommerce. And that’s a huge time and money saver. Ecwid also has social e-commerce capabilities.

This is one of my favourite features of Ecwid, they have integrated marketing apps. So if you easily want to be able to use Google shopping, create ads on Facebook, retarget your audience through advertising, you can do this using these apps connected to Ecwid eCommerce. I talk about them in detail in My Ecwid eCommerce Power course, but what they allow you to do is save immense amounts of time.

There is also an automatic cart recovery feature available in Ecwid. So if someone comes to your online store, and they start placing an order, but they get distracted, or they have to go make dinner or something like that, and they don’t actually place the order in your online store, well, 2 hours later, after they try to place their order, they will receive an email where they can directly access their abandoned cart and complete their order. Now this feature is really cool and it is completely automated. And, as we already discussed, Ecwid is supported.

Ecwid eCommerce Tutorial & Setup

So this part of the article is an entire Ecwid eCommerce set up, so that you can have an online store where you can send a link to your customers today, and get started selling online. If you follow this tutorial, you’ll have an online store with a link that you can share with your customers, you’ll be able to receive payments and ship products.

Watch the video above for visual demonstrations
of how to do what follows!

So the first thing we’re going to do is head over to Click on “Get Started For Free.” So all you have to do is enter your name and your email. Make sure to choose a complex password. And then click on setup your store.

Now Ecwid is going to ask you a couple questions, and this is going to help tailor your experience in your Ecwid eCommerce backed. Of course you don’t have to answer these questions if you don’t want to, but if you do choose the correct industries, you will have different information that’ll appear in your back end. So the back end is where the store manager can edit their online store. All right now we’re in our Ecwid seller control panel. So this is the back end, this is where you can manage your online store. If ever you want to go manage your online store, just head over to and then login. 

Ecwid eCommerce Languages

If your native language is different from the language of your backend right now, you can change it. Ecwid is available in over 20 Languages that you can translate your seller control panel in. So for example, if your control panel is an English right now and you’d rather it be in French, you can just go down to the bottom and choose your preferred language. 

Before we go any further I’d also like to show you where you can access customer support. So at the top right of your screen just click on get help, and then since you have a free plan at the moment you can access email support. But if you upgrade later on, you can have access to chat or phone support. I’ll talk a little bit more about paid plans at the end of this video. 

1. Configure Ecwid Store Settings

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So the very first thing that I do whenever I set up an Ecwid store is I head over to settings. Let’s click on settings and general. This is where you can enter the information about your store, so your store profile. It’s really important to enter this information because it will help Ecwid calculate shipping rates later on for example, among lots of other things.

So definitely put in your company name, and email, your store name, your company address – all the information that you can add here. If you have social profiles definitely add them. And if you want to edit your online store without it being visible, you can click “close storefront for maintenance” and your store will not be available to your customers but you’ll be able to see it.

2. Configure Regional Settings

We’re going to head back over to our Settings, and we are going to go to Regional settings. Now as you saw at the beginning of the video we indicated that we were selling in Canadian Dollars, and this is where that information was entered. There’s so many things here that you can edit, if you want to be able to change the way the numbers are shown, or have a conversion rate, or change the different weights and sizes from kilograms to pounds for example, you can do all of that here. 

Now there is one thing I want to point out for the Canadians and the Australians, and anyone who’s using Dollars in their country but not US Dollars. As you can see here we have Currency Symbol. There’s a C and a Dollar sign. Here we can see the C and we can see the seat and we can take it off if we want. I am going to show you what it looks like in the storefront. Anytime you want to access your store just click on View, and then you’ll see your store name.

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As you can see here we have that C in front of our products, and some people don’t want to show that. What you can do is just click here, hide the C, and then hit Save. Everything is done in real time, so all you have to do is go back up to your URL, refresh your page and you’ll see that everything in your storefront has been updated automatically. And there you have it, we just took off the C on our storefront. That C was representing Canadian dollars, just to differentiate with US Dollars.

3. Configure Cart & Checkout

I’m really a nerd for the section. I absolutely love all of the features that are available here, it’s just people don’t take the time to look at what’s available here although they can have an extremely important impact on your bottom line. There’s a lot of features here that can help you increase your sales and improve customer experience.

I talk about this entire page in detail in My Ecwid eCommerce Power course. I highly recommend you go check it out. The goal of that course is to help you create an online store much better, much faster, and much cheaper than if you have to work with third parties like web agencies, developers or Freelancers. 

If you actually want to take the time to look at these features I highly recommend it. Some of them are paid features because we just have a free plan for now, but it’s really worth checking it out. Same thing for tracking and analytics. I actually have a full in-depth tutorial in the course about this entire page too, and all of the incredible features that you can unlock using this page.

4. Create Product Categories

So before we dive into products, you might have a couple categories that you like to set up. Just click on catalogue and categories. And here you can set up your categories. Click on add root category, and since we have clothing we can add a woman’s and a men’s category. 

Now I’m going to give you an example here if I try to add a subcategory or another root category I won’t be able to, because we have the free plan we’re only allowed two categories for now. Of course if you upgrade to any of the Ecwid plans you’ll have unlimited categories. And you can just drag and drop them to have subcategories. 

All right let’s go create our first product.

5. Create Your Products

Click on Products and then Add New Product. So it’s super straightforward. First thing we’re going to do is add a picture. Just click on upload image and select the image that you’d like to upload. Then enter your product title, and SKU if you’d like. An SKU was just a number that you used to track your products in your inventory. Enter the weight. 

Click on Require Shipping if this product does require shipping. It is very important to enter this information because if you use automatic shipping calculations, they will rely on this information to calculate shipping costs. I’ll show you that and much more detail later on in this video. If you want to see what it looks like, just clock on Preview Product. That’s looking good. Okay, we didn’t enter the price, so we’re just going to enter a price.

These are the most basic things that you can do with the free plan, of course there’s tons of advanced features with a paid plan. You can add product availability, you can control stock, you can add a label to your product, with a little piece of information at the top that says On Sale for example. You could add product subtitles if you’d like, there’s tons more features available that you can unlock in a paid plan. We’ll talk about that more at the end of this video. But just for basic let’s get started selling online here’s what you can do. 

The above video is an old (free) resource. Check out the brand new, step-by-step video tutorials in my Ecwid eCommerce Power Course

You could also add product attributes if you would like. So, a little bit more information. For example if you’re selling clothing, you could have material as an attribute. You could have the brand as an attribute, and you just enter that information every time within the attribute section. It’s super easy and it saves a lot of time from typing in the information every time. 

You could also add product options. Product options are actually very powerful within Ecwid eCommerce. You could add radio buttons, a drop down list, you can make them paid, you can use these options to offer customizations, and so much more. You can also set up product-specific tax information right here. You can unlock more SEO features in Ecwid paid plans, and the related products tab is all about cross-sales. If you would like to learn more about cross-sales definitely check out the link above.

Awesome we created your first product in your online store. So all you have to do is repeat the process for all your other products if you’d like to upload them. If you’re already using another e-commerce solution and you like to bulk upload your products, you can do that using the bulk upload product feature. 

6. Setup Taxes

All right, let’s finish setting up your online store with taxes, shipping and payment methods, so you can finally use it and start getting paid from your customers.

Let’s head over to Settings and Taxes. As you can see here, there is an option to set up automatic tax calculations. I honestly think it’s worth getting a paid plan with Ecwid just for that feature. What happens when someone goes and places in order in your online store, the automatic tax calculator will know what taxes to charge them.

This is really good for US based businesses because there’s so many different tax rules throughout the U.S. Same thing with Canada, I think it’s been super useful in my own online store. Instead of myself having to update and calculate taxes, the automatic tax calculator does it for me. But if you don’t want to get a paid plan and you want to set it up manually, you can do that right here manually. I actually demonstrate how to use the manual tax set up feature in My Ecwid eCommerce Power Course, you can check it out here. 

7. Setup Legal Pages

Another very important thing to set up in your online store are your legal Pages. It’s pretty much mandatory no matter what, but it’s especially important if you have traffic from the European Union, since you will probably have to comply with the GDPR.

Of course I’m not a lawyer, and this is not legal advice, but it’s extremely important to make sure that you have legal information in your online store. May that pertain to Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Shipping and Payment Information, your Return Policy and having a complete About Us. If you’d like to learn more about the GDPR features that are available in Ecwid, have a full tutorial video on that in my Ecwid eCommerce Power Course. 

8. Setup Mail & Invoice Automations

Now there’s some automatic messages that are sent out thanks to Ecwid eCommerce, and you can check those out under the Mail Tab. There’s the order confirmation, order status, order shipped, so whatever you mark things in your online store as being shipped or having change statuses, there’s an automatic email that will be sent to your customer. You could activate or deactivate these here, and you can also edit them.

Now let’s have a look at the invoice tab. If you click on Preview Invoice is an example of what your invoices will look like for your customers. You can upload your logo if you’d like you, can add your tax identification information, you can also customize your invoice. And one thing that’s super important to me is to always attach invoices to order confirmation emails. So if you let your customers to receive their invoices automatically, definitely enable this feature. This is a great way to avoid customer support requests from people who are asking to receive their invoices in the future. 

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We’re going to start talking about store design very shortly, but I just want to show you the label editor really quickly since under the settings. This feature allows you to customize the buttons in your online store. So for example if a button and your online store says Add to Cart and you like to change that to Add to Bag, you can easily do that with this feature.

9. Setup Payment Methods

All right let’s make sure that you can get paid. Let’s head over to payment. This is where you can set up your payment options. So by default we have pay by cash, but I’m going to remove it. Let’s imagine that we are 100% online. 

Ecwid is actually integrated with over 50 payment gateways. It’s incredible! Here we have Stripe, we have Square, we have PayPal, and they are probably the most common ones that are used. If you don’t see what you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page and check out choose payment method. Here you’ll see a whole list of payment methods. It’s so long. It’s really awesome that Ecwid offers all  these payment integrations. And it’s really cool, if you don’t see what you need here, you can always reach out to Ecwid and ask them for custom development, and they can give you a quote to let you know if they can integrate with the payment provider that you would like. 

Alright I am going to show you how to activate PayPal, is very quick and easy. Just click on enable PayPal, and then click on actions to be able to change the email, if you have to. You can also enter information for your customers if you’d like. So appearance options – you could say PayPal or something else  if you like, and you can add payment instructions. Those will appear at it when your customer is placing their order. 

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10. Setup Shipping

All right let’s make sure that you can ship your products. We’re going to talk about product shipping. Under configuration, click on shipping and pick up. So you have two main options in Ecwid eCommerce, you can offer a free shipping and delivery option, or a self pick up option. If you have a restaurant for example you might offer both: a pickup option and a local delivery option.

If you have just an online store, you might just want to ship products directly to your customers. Either way you can set up multiple shipping options for your clients. In this demonstration I’m just going to talk about shipping. So let’s head over to Add a Shipping Method. As you can see here I indicated that I am located in Canada so Ecwid eCommerce automatically chose Canada Post. But I could change that if I would like. Click on view all carriers and then you can choose a different carrier if you need one. 

You also have the option to do local delivery here, or to choose a different carrier. I’m going to click on Canada Post because most people like to use the automatic shipping calculator. So when I click on Canada Post we have the automatic shipping calculator. We have free shipping that we can choose. We also have conditional and free shipping, a flat rate, or a custom rate that you can set up in the table. There’s so much flexibility with regards to shipping in Ecwid, I absolutely love it.

The above video is an old (free) resource. Check out the brand new, step-by-step video tutorials in my Ecwid eCommerce Power Course

So when I was demonstrating the products you before were two things: there was the weight of the product we could enter, we could also specify as a product needed to be shipped, in that time you can specify the dimensions of the product. This is all really important information to feed to the automatic shipping calculator so can be sure to give your customers the right shipping options. Alright so when we click on that, we can specify your shipping origin. So we are just going to enter some information about where we’re shipping from. 

And there we have it! Theoretically we have now setup taxes, we set up a payment method, and we’ve set up shipping in our online store. We also created a product, so let’s head over to your online store and see what the checkout process would look like for the customer.

Check Out Your New Ecwid eCommerce Store!

All we have to do is click on our online store at the top of the page, and we will be directed to our online store. Click the product we created. We can click on go to check out, or on the bag. And this is what your customer will see once they start checking out of your online store. So I am going to click on check out, and here I can enter all my information, and then click on continue.

At that point it’ll offer me the automatic shipping calculations. I can choose what shipping method I’d like, and then pay by PayPal. But as you can see I have to enter all my information, so if we go to payment, and we click on the payment Advance PayPal option, we can enable PayPal checkout. So what happens is instead of having to enter and all my information will have the PayPal button at checkout, and that directs me directly to PayPal and it’ll feed the information to Ecwid. So if you want your customers to save more time at checkout you can use this option to be able to help them check out faster instead of having to enter their address again.

Design Your New Ecwid Store

Excellent, in this part of the video we’re going to talk about customizing your storefront to match your branding. So as you can see here we have this generic online store with demo products. But that doesn’t match your brand, right? Well, we’re going to edit this free website. It’s called the Ecwid Instant Site, and it comes for free with Ecwid. Let’s head over to “Website,” and this is where we can design this website. 

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As you can see here you have a link that you can share with your customers already. In my case it’s called Now if you are using the free version of Ecwid, you’re going to have to use that domain name to share with your customers. But of course, you probably want to have your custom domain name, like “” Of course you can use your own custom domain name in a paid Ecwid plan, but for now since we’re just demonstrating the free plan, you can use that link and send it to your customers already.

Ecwid Instant Site Design

All right, for those of you who don’t have a website yet let’s customize your Ecwid store. Click on Edit Site, and here you’ll see that you have the ability to transform this page. So first of all where to start with a hero section, it’s the very top of the page with that big beautiful image.

As you can see Ecwid has a couple templates that they created for you by default if you’d like. I’d like the default sunglasses, so I’m going to take that picture. We can change the title, and the description. And if you scroll down a little bit you can see that you can change the background image. You can change it to a colour, a gradient, a different image, or even a video. Ecwid also has a pick from Gallery option which allows you to choose from free photos online. 

You can change the fonts, you can change the size, and the colour of the button. And you can take off or add different information at the top of your site. For example your directions, your phone number, and all that information. Take the time to play around these options and adapt the page to your specific business needs. 

Let’s scroll down a little bit and have a look at your Company Mission. This is where you can add information about your business. I do recommend adding is information because it can be very important for search engines like Google to have more information about your business. Customer testimonials are extremely important so definitely try to get real testimonials from customers and add them here.

You can add a whole bunch of them, and you can just set them up the way you would like. It’s really cool. At the bottom of the page you can add your business information, this is also really important for SEO and for Google to make sure that you have a legitimate business. This is also important for your EAT: Expertise Authoritativeness and Trust. If you would like to learn more about SEO I have a full in-depth playlist about SEO, definitely check it out here. If you have any social profiles you can add them at the bottom of the page, and then they will show up at the top if you selected that option. 

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Now this is pretty cool, Ecwid has a site sections thing here that you can add or arrange, and it’ll show you your entire website in one bird’s-eye view. And you can drag-and-drop the sections if you’d like to change their order. Now personally, I don’t recommend changing the order of these too much. The page is a very very well laid out for user experience, this is what people are used to seeing: hero image, the online store and then more information at the bottom. But you could always move your customer testimonials a little higher so they’re closer to your online store because they’re extremely important.

Awesome now that we’re done editing our online store, we’re going to refresh the page and see what it looks like. It’s really cool that we just created a free online store that quickly. So if you followed this tutorial, if you already had a PayPal or Square account and you set up taxes and shipping according to your specific needs, you should have it online so you can already share with your customers. 

Ecwid Product Design

All right, now that we finished setting up the body of your website we’re going to have to look at the product section specifically. So let’s head over to our Ecwid eCommerce backend, and we’re going to click on Design. This is where you can change the look of your online store, so the products themselves. Just select whatever options work for you and your online store and your specific business needs. You can set this up to match your branding and your preferences. And what’s really cool is that it’s a visual editor, so when you make these changes you can see them happen right here on the right panel, and then when you update your online store they’re automatically visible in your online store. Just head over to your online store and refresh the page.

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Congratulations you now have an online store that you can share with your customers so you can start selling online today. If you really want to take this a huge leap further definitely take out my Ecwid eCommerce Power Course. The goal of course is to help you set up your online store faster, better and cheaper. If you like this video so far, definitely hit the like button and subscribe to this channel, it is all about e-commerce for small and medium-sized businesses.

Marketing Your New Ecwid Store

Now I’d like to talk a little bit more about marketing features that are available in Ecwid, because from my experience and the eCommerce merchants that I worked with in the past, what happens is they spent all of their money on creating their online store initially.

So two years before they met me they spent all their money having their website and their online store created for them, and then they realize that they couldn’t update it anymore, they were dependant on a web agency, they had spent $10,000 on something that was completely outdated, and they saved no money for marketing. In my opinion the best thing to do is create your online store for the lowest-cost possible, because it’s possible to make it for a very low cost.

Save your money for marketing. A website is not a build-it-and-they-will-come. Now that you have a website you have to have someone to send it to, some people who are going to come there and make purchases. But if you just create your website and think Google’s going to send you traffic magically, I’m so sorry to break the news to you, it’s not going to happen.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

So marketing is extremely important. I have a full free playlist on my channel, definitely check it out. That entire playlist goes into detail about SEO, so Search Engine Optimization and paid advertising, so Pay Per Click, Pay Per Lead and SEM. But to summarize very quickly, if you’d like to do paid advertising with Ecwid, they make it extremely easy thanks to the apps that they integrate with. 

Learn More About Generating SEO Traffic in Project 24

So let’s have a look here real quick here in the marketing tab. We have advertised across Google. If you click on this section you’ll be able to start advertising on Google pretty easily. And the reason I say that is because normally you have to have a web agency that does all of this work for you. There’s a lot involved with this. I’ve done it myself manually and it does take a lot of time.

I’ve been in internet marketing for quite a few years now so this is not something that scares me personally, but having the experience of being there and setting up these ads, it is pretty complex for someone who’s never been in the Google Ads backend, and who doesn’t have the experience of managing an Ad Budget on a daily basis. Because you actually have to optimize and update your ads every day.

SEM: Search Engine Marketing

What’s really cool about these apps is that they automate the process and make it very simple and easy for merchants to just get started with paid advertising. Definitely check those out if you’re interested in learning more. Here you have a whole bunch of different options that are available with Ecwid. Some of them are paid, but they’re really powerful options to help you boost traffic and sales in your online store. 

Instagram Shopping & Facebook Store

Of course two of my favourite features in Ecwid are the ability to integrate with Facebook, so to have a Facebook Store on your Facebook business page, and Instagram shopping for Instagram business accounts. You can submit your applications here. If you’re planning on applying to Instagram shopping, definitely check out the entire playlist above. I have a whole bunch of tips in there that help Merchants prepare their accounts before applying to Instagram shopping.

Because a lot of people do get refused. There’s many reasons why some businesses don’t get accepted to Instagram shopping. Some of them include selling prohibited products, not having enough information on their Instagram account, not having enough followers or engagement, not having information in their bio, not having their business address or information. There are lots of things that you can do to prepare your account to help put the chances on your side of getting accepted to Instagram shopping, so definitely check that out.

Ecwid eCommerce Plans & Features

At the beginning of this article I talked about my favourite Ecwid eCommerce features and why they’re so important. In this part we’re going to go a little bit more granular and we’re going to have a look at other features that are available in Ecwid that you might want to have in your online store, and therefore you might want to get a paid plan for. 

In the Venture plan we have a site map feature. It is important Google to be able to crawl your entire site to have that site map available. You also have advanced SEO features in the higher tiered plans. We also talked about how you can have access to Ecwid eCommerce’s support team, and the higher tired plans with chat and phone support. And in my opinion that makes it 100% worth having a paid plan. There’s already incredible ROI having access to adequate support team. With a free plan you can only add 10 products and 2 categories, whereas in the paid plans you can add 100 to an unlimited amount of products. 

But any serious small and medium-sized business definitely wants a $35 a month plan. You can save money by getting a yearly plan. I personally have a yearly business plan and that plan is absolutely amazing, it covers all of my needs. However if you have a brick-and-mortar store and you have a POS system, you might want to go with the unlimited plan. 

The other profile of person that I recommend go with the unlimited plan is anyone who wants to have a mobile store app. Yes you can have an app that’s available in the App Market thanks to Ecwid eCommerce’s Unlimited plan: the yearly unlimited plan. So instead of having to pay a developer to create an app for your online store you can have it seamlessly with Ecwid eCommerce. It’s extremely powerful. So your clients can go to the App Store, download your app, and your online store from their phone. It’s really cool. 

Also in the unlimited plan Ecwid provides 12 hours of store customization so you can have access to Ecwid’s support team who can customize your online store for you. That’s a pretty powerful plan. But for most SMB’s the Venture or the Business plan covers a vast amount of their needs.


Ecwid eCommerce is an extremely powerful e-commerce solution for small and medium-sized businesses. The thing is, it’s just not very well known. Ecwid is a powerful omni-channel e-commerce solution that provides really cool integrated marketing features. It’s quick and easy to set up and it’s really powerful for those who want to be able to independently create and manage their online stores.

If you’re one of those people who want to be able to create their online store themselves, save money, time effort, have ongoing customer support, have access to custom development if required, and want to do this much better, much faster, and much cheaper than working with the web agency, definitely check out my Ecwid eCommerce Power Course. That course will take you step-by-step from creating your online store, designing it to match your brand, marketing it, getting your first sales, and increasing your Revenue. 

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