WordPress vs Wix for
Ecwid eCommerce Users

Both Wix and WordPress are popular site builders, and Ecwid users can use either of these options to create their business-oriented sites. However, despite being in the same niche, there is still a world of difference between WordPress and Wix.

But what are these differences? More importantly, which site builder is the better option for you as an Ecwid user? These are important questions to address in case an Ecwid Starter Site is not doing it for you and you need the additional features Wix and WordPress can give you.

Build with Wix

Wix is a drag and drop website builder that requires no coding, no hosting or development. It is super easy to use and is constantly developed with more features. SEO is excellent and includes mobile editor. Excellent with Ecwid.

Easy WordPress

Turn WordPress into a drag-and-drop builder. The page you are looking at right now was built with Elementor! If you do not have any coding skills, Elementor for WordPress is your best solution.

As you know, with Ecwid’s starter site, you cannot have a blog, add multiple pages to your site or benefit from advanced website features available in WordPress or Wix. That is why it is worth considering additional site building options if you would like to enjoy these added features. 

Ecwid will still be your eCommerce solution, as it is way more powerful that what Wix or WordPress can offer. Integrating Ecwid with Wix or WordPress will boost your website + online store capabilities to offer you a powerful online platform. 

But which of these site builders should you pick over the other? To help you make this important choice, here is a comparison between WordPress and Wix for Ecwid eCommerce users.

Comparison - WordPress vs Wix

Take the quiz below to find out if WordPress or Wix is more adapted to your needs as an Ecwid eCommerce user.


For you, learning new technology is…

Do you have any experience with HTML?

Do you have a brick and mortar business?

Do you sell your products internationally?

Your budget is…

Is having a blog extremely important to you?

Would you like to be able to update and mange your site yourself?

Is having full access to your sites code an absolute must for you?

WordPress vs Wix | Quiz to Help You Make the Right Choice
The best option for your needs is WordPress. WordPress is an excellent solution to build your website and blog quickly and easily. WordPress is the most popular site builder in the world. It is a powerful platform and when paired with Ecwid eCommerce, you will have the tools to scale your business internationally quickly. WordPress offers excellent SEO and mobile-responsive capabilities. If you do not know how to code, this platform may become difficult to understand for you. However, I have an excellent solution for this! Elementor is a plugin that can will your WordPress site into an easy drag-and-drop builder (similar to the ease of use offers in Wix). You can quickly and easily build your WordPress site with Elementor by dragging and dropping items like titles, texts, buttons, videos and more. To reduce your costs and avoid your having to work with an agency or a developper, we strongly suggest using Elementor to build your site. Read more about what you need to get started with WordPress below.
The best option for your needs is Wix. Wix is an excellent solution to build your website if you do not know how to code. Wix offers a drag-and-drop builder with hundreds of templates that will save you time in building your website. Wix offers excellent SEO and will allow you to manage your site on your own, no need for a web agency or developer! This will save you a lot of money. You can easily make your Wix website for less than 500$ on your own. However, take note you will not have access to the code like you do in WordPress which may make it difficult to migrate to another platform in the future if you change your mind. WordPress offers better blogging capabilities and can be very easy to build with Elementor. However, your costs for WordPress may be a bit higher. This is why we suggest going with Wix according to the answers you provided. Read more about what you need to get started with Wix below.

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After taking the quiz you should know which platform is more adapted to your needs. Here are the tools you will need to reduce your costs and ensure 

If Your Quiz Results Suggests Wix

These are the tools I recommend if your quiz results suggested you use Wix to build your online store.

Try Ecwid Free


This whole blog is about Ecwid eCommerce  I love it and use it every day. It is the best eCommerce solution for SMB’s, freelancers, influencers and anyone who wants to sell online quickly and easily. Try Ecwid for free.

Try Wix Free

Wix is a drag and drop website builder that requires no coding, no hosting or development. It is super easy to use and is constantly developed with more features. SEO is excellent and includes mobile editor. Excellent with Ecwid.

If Your Quiz Results Suggests WordPress

These are the tools I recommend if your quiz results suggested you use WordPress to build your online store. You will need hosting and to purchase a domain name. I strongly recommend using Elementor to build your WordPress site if you do not know how to code. Otherwise you will need a developper or to work with a web agency to avoid crashes.

WordPress Hosting

Web Hosting

SiteGround is the best website hosting service I have tested, period. And I have tried many. What makes them stand out is their support and their low prices. I love their service.

WordPress Domain


I have tried tons of domain services and none of them compare to NameCheap. The platform is ultra user-friendly and they offer stellar support. Prices are very low and WhoIs Guard is included, for free.

Try Ecwid Free


This whole blog is about Ecwid eCommerce  I love it and use it every day. It is the best eCommerce solution for SMB’s, freelancers, influencers and anyone who wants to sell online quickly and easily. Try Ecwid for free.

Try Elementor for WordPress

Turn WordPress into a drag-and-drop builder. Elementor makes it easy to build a beautiful website quickly. It is the best WordPress builder in my opinion. This page was built with Elementor! 

#1. What Does Each Builder Do?

Wix is a drag and drop website builder, and it stands out among several other similar platforms in many ways besides its incredible popularity. For instance, with Wix, building a site is extremely easy. You just have to drag and drop the elements where you want to see them. You can add text and pages and other features with a lot of ease as well. This is greatly convenient for users who have no coding knowledge.

But if you do not have to go with a drag and drop website builder, then your next natural solution is WordPress, which is a Content Management System (CMS). Millions of people use WordPress. However, using WordPress can be a little limiting if you have no coding knowledge.

In fact, WordPress is best suited to coders, as you need coding knowledge to enjoy many of the features WordPress has to offer its users. It is especially important that you have experience with HTML and CSS coding to make better use of WordPress. Without coding knowledge you might not even do basic things like changing the size of items and so forth. Without this knowledge, you would have to hire a WordPress developer to do the editing for you, and that can obviously being with it certain inconveniences such as added costs.

However, there is a solution if you do not know how to code and want to use WordPress. Elementor transforms WordPress into a drag-and-drop builder and makes it easy to make a stunning website in minutes. This page was built with Elementor! I use it everyday and love how easy it was to learn and use. You can learn more about Elementor in this post on my blog.

#2. Who is The Target Audience for Wix and WordPress?

Each of these website building options was created with a very particular group of users in mind. Wix was created to address the site building needs of any person who would like to create a website fast and easily. It was built for users that do not know how to code.

Generally speaking, WordPress is also pretty easy to use. However, it is designed to help out web agencies and developers. Therefore, if you are an Ecwid user running a web agency or developing stores for clients, then WordPress might be a better option for you. But if you just need a general site that falls into any other category, then Wix might be what you need.

#3. Usability of Wix and WordPress

Wix is very easy to use, and practically anyone can use it. That is why it is a great solution for people who have no coding knowledge, as they can create a site without the need to learn any coding language. Most of the knowledge you need to create sites using Wix is very commonplace.

WordPress is also easy to use, all things considered. But it is still a little harder to use than Wix. However, how easy WordPress is to use will depend on how conversant you are with the use of coding languages such as HTML and CSS. With WordPress, you also have to choose the theme, which is an important part of the process as you will be limited by the features a theme offers. Consequently, you have to use an appropriate theme in order to get the results you want.

To avoid issues related to choosing a theme that matches your brand, you can build your own theme with Elementor. You won’t need to code either as Elementor adds drag-and-drop capabilities to WordPress. This resolves two of WordPress’ biggest issues for non-developers.

#4. Comparison of How They Work

Wix and WordPress work quite differently. When using Wix, you should choose what you want to add to your site, and the drop it where you would like it to appear and you are good to go. You can also click directly on the feature and do some editing if that is necessary to achieve the results you would like. In general, Wix is very intuitive, and you will have an easy time getting the website you want once you decide to use this website builder.

On the other hand, when using WordPress, you should use some knowledge of HTML and CSS. But you can still use it even without this knowledge. However, in such cases, what you can do with this website building platform will be very limited, unless you are willing to pay for professional assistance. Additionally, with WordPress, you have to choose an appropriate theme. Within this theme, you can change block sizes and colors and several other features. Of course, Elementor could resolve those issues for you.

#5. Process Involved in Using Wix or WordPress

Using Wix is very simple, in comparison to use WordPress. In order to use Wix, you should first open an account, then choose a theme. Luckily, most themes are free. From there, you can go ahead and start editing your theme in order to achieve the customized results you want with your site.

With WordPress, you have to pay for hosting first. From there you have to buy a domain  Then you have to link your domain to your host. It is a good idea to open a domain with a different site from your hosting company. Otherwise, once you have a domain and hosting in place, you can go ahead and install WordPress, then select or purchase a theme before enabling backups and security (SSL) and then you can start building your WordPress website.

Clearly, you need a lot more work to start building a WordPress site in comparison to a Wix site. Therefore, if you need a web building solution that is much easier to use, then Wix is an obvious choice. But if there are very specific benefits you need in your site and they are almost exclusively available when using WordPress, then you have to get ready for the more demanding process the site building solution has to offer in comparison to Wix.

#6. Costs Involved in Using Wix or WordPress

To create a website with Wix, the prices are quite low. You can start off by buying the domain name for just $10 per year  but this depends on the kind of domain name you are using (usually a .com is that price. Some domains may be more expensive depending on your needs). After that, you should pay for hosting, but only if you would like to avoid Wix ads. This should cost anything from $4 to $20 a month.

When using WordPress, you will generally need to spend about $10 a year on a domain  After that you have to spend between $4 and $200 a month on hosting  although how much you spend on hosting depends on your specific needs.

So, generally speaking, both Wix and WordPress are very affordable. However, WordPress can get a little more expensive if you need a developper or purchase themes. Remember, Elementor can eliminate the need for an expensive theme or a developper!

7. Comparison of Benefits that Both Wix and WordPress Offer

The main advantages to using Wix is that the platform is very easy to use. In other words, Wix is incredibly user friendly. That is why even without any knowledge of coding or site building, you can create a great and professional-looking Wix site. Wix also makes it very easy to use Google Search and Google Analytics, which is a huge plus for many users.

WordPress has plenty of benefits to offer its users as well. First of all, with its numerous themes, it is possible to build a very beautiful site for both desktop and mobile platforms. WordPress also happens to be the most popular CMS platform in the world, and it is for a good reason – it has hundreds of thousands of plugins that can expand the platform. In any case, even though you need a theme to build a WordPress site, you can still get access to the original code and tweak it in order to create a site with custom features you want.

#8. Disadvantages of Using Wix or WordPress

One of the main downside to using Wix is that the website building site had a really bad reputation when it comes to SEO. As you know, good SEO is central to any online business, as it can affect its bottom line and survival. Fortunately, despite this reputation, Wix has incredibly improved this over the years and has become very strong SEO-wise. 

The backlash that Wix experienced about their SEO limitations are no longer true today. Wix has substantially improved its SEO substantially over the past several years. I have built multiple Wix sites that outrank WordPress sites by far.

The other main downside to using Wix is that you need to translate your desktop site in order to use it on a mobile platform. There would be nothing particularly wrong with that, if the process was not so complex and tedious. There is no way around this issue. As a matter of fact, it would be better building your Wix site from scratch if you want a mobile version. Obviously this could significantly add to your workload, and you might even consider using WordPress instead. Translating a Wix site is also a tedious task.

But WordPress is not without its setbacks as well. For one thing, to use WordPress at optimal capacity, there is a learning curve involved. Additionally, if you use WordPress based on the assistance you get from a WordPress developer, you will become dependent on that professional whenever you need to make any changes to your WordPress site. WordPress is also not the most welcoming content building platform if you are a beginner, unlike Wix with its drag and drop capabilities. 

Using WordPress can also get a little frustrating. For instance, your backend efforts might not always be visible on the front end. Other downsides to using WordPress include the fact that you would need to use manual updates and backups, which can seem like extra work. On top of it all, making modifications to your site without clear knowledge of how WordPress works could result in complete site crashes, which is the last thing you need as a eCommerce site owner. However, you can avoid crashes and the need for a developper with the Elementor plugin for WordPress.

#9. Best Reason to Choose Wix or WordPress

Wix works best for users who would like some independence. With this drag and drop site builder, you do not have to rely on an agency to edit your site as you can do these tasks yourself even without any coding knowledge. That is why Wix is usually such a brilliant choice for people who have little coding skills. Wix is also a great option for you if you would like to keep your budget low. Using the Wix platform also works best when you own a small local business and if your web content suffers the risk of changing more often.

WordPress, on the other hand, might be the right content building platform for you if budget restriction is not an issue and you would not mind working with a web agency. Additionally, having some coding knowledge gives you a decided advantage when using WordPress as your choice site building platform. Additionally, if you think you can handle manual updates without making your site crash, then WordPress might work out great for you. Otherwise, WordPress is best suited to medium-sized businesses and for online businesses that sell internationally. Finally, if you would like to blog or have a site with a lot of content, then WordPress would be what you need.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, Ecwid is able to manage all your products and all your integrations, and it should be your core eCommerce solution. However, adding other features to your eCommerce business such as blogs requires that you use another website building solution.

Broadly speaking, you have two options – WordPress and Wix. These website builders can greatly improve the functionality of your eCommerce website. Wix and WordPress can make your site more defined.

Generally speaking, you should use the Wix platform is you have a small local business, a limited budget, and would like to avoid getting involved with a web agency. But if you run a medium sized international eCommerce business, then the WordPress would be the best option for you, especially if you can afford to spend a little more and don’t mind involving the services of a web agency. If you want to avoid working with a developper or the extra fees involved with choosing and customizing a WordPress theme, I highly recommend Elementor for WordPress.

So, both web building solutions have their place, and both Wix and WordPress have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, understand what your eCommerce site needs are first and you will make a better choice as an Ecwid user who needs to boost your site’s functionality. Make sure to take the quiz at the top of the page to make the choice the most adapted to your needs!

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Both Wix and WordPress are popular site builders, and Ecwid users can use either of these options to create their business-oriented sites. However, despite being in the same niche, there is still a world of difference between WordPress and Wix. But what are these differences? More importantly, which site builder is the better option for you as an Ecwid user? Take the personalized quiz and find out!

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