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Video Transcript

Hi this is Daniella from and today I’m going to show you how to integrate your Ecwid store to your Wix website. So, I’m in my Wix backend, and all I’m going to do is go to the app market here, and search for Ecwid. Click on add to site > Add app > and then hit OK. It is going to load Ecwid’s default products. Click anywhere on Ecwid’s demo products, and click on Settings.

If you already have an account click here. I already have an account But if you you don’t have an account you can sign up right here. Click on “Connect your store” and if you’re sort is already open, Wix will automatically connect your store. And there you go your store is now in Wix and there’s a new tab that appeared at the top of the screen. So you can edit your store’s appearance by clicking on Settings, and then under the design tab you have a whole bunch of options.

Be careful to scroll down all the way this is a little sticky here but if you scroll all the way down you have advanced settings that are available also. So we are just going to scroll up and have a quick look at this. Add the mini cart widget to your website. You can also add the search widget if you want it just click here and then choose the page you want to add it to.

You also have the ability to change the colors of your website right here which is really useful instead of going into your store’s backend and changing your CSS you can do it right here so if you want to change the background of your store to purple you just click on the color hit OK and everything will change automatically which is really useful.

I don’t recommend purple and for the background of your store… There. You can also make it transparent by you can change the text colors buttons anyway there’s a lot of options here you can also change the number of categories that are shown here. Right now is that for as you can see the only two.

Ecwid will optimize over here for your categories and for your products also. So for example if you say that you could have for example five categories across, and there is actually only room for four, Ecwid will show four. The reason that there might not be enough room is because your titles are too long or your images are too wide… Ecwid will optimize the way the images are shown so that your store looks clean.

So if you put six and only room for four they don’t show four instead, but if you change your titles and make them shorter, and there’s room for five then it’ll show five or six, depending on how much you put here. This one concerns categories, and then This one concerns products depending on the view that you choose, so in a gridview you’ll have five by five it’ll list view you would have all the way down the page 99 and your table view how many rows that you can have.

So it is as easy as that to set up your store. If you want to add HTML code for example you have horizontal categories or something you could do that within he advanced settings and you can choose what your default view is also so for example I chose the grid view and the default category I would want to show my my store homepage when people come on my page.

But if I wanted them just to see the cell phone category I could choose it here. So that’s it. You could add your store as easily as that to a Wix website. I hope this video tutorial was useful. If you have any questions just post them in the comments.

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Video Transcript

Hi this is Daniella from and today I am going to show you how to integrate your Ecwid store to your Weebly website. So what we are going to do is scroll down on the left of the screen and go to Add App. Search for Ecwid. And click here. Click on add. Connect. Weebly is going to ask you to create an account, or click here if you already have an account. And it will detect if you are already within your account like I am here. And it will add the app right here.

So what you get to do in Weebly is drag and drop your store to wherever you want. So for example if you took it and dropped it here, this is where it will appear. If you want to manage your store here, it will bring you back into your Ecwid control panel. So you have the ability to show or hide your search bar, and your mini-cart, and to configure how you want to show your categories. Click on Save, and it will be saved.
Now you can’t actually see it here, you would have to click on Publish. And then go see your website. And there you have it, your store is now added to your Weebly website. Now Ecwid uses a kind of Chameleon skin here also, as it does within WordPress. As you can see the colours of my store adapted to the colours of my web site.

Thanks for watching! This is Daniella from, and if you have any questions just post them in the comments below.

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How to add your ecwid store to YOUR WORDPRESS SITE



Video Transcript

Hi this is Daniella from and today we are going to have a look at how to integrate your Ecwid store into your WordPress site. So to integrate your store just hit Plugins, in your WordPress backend. Click on Add New, and then search for Ecwid. And there you go, it is right here.

Click on Install. And then Activate. Ok so it now right here. Click on Setup, and then Connect. So I am already signed into my Ecwid store right now. And there we go. Ecwid’s backend is directly available right within your WordPress area, so if you dont want to go over to Ecwid’s backend you can have access right here through the plugin directly.

That’s it, it is as easy as that. If I go over to our site now, you see that shop was added here – this is the demo site, there is nothing on here. Click on shop, you will see that the store is now available. So we have access to our products. As you can see the display is different from what it was in my other demos, that’s because Ecwid uses Chameleon skin within WordPress.

So what it does it is it automatically checks out the colors of your site and the fonts and will change everything automatically to match your site. But you can see there is black in the background, and my links are this color blue. It changed everything automatically and it also changed the colors of buttons to blue. If you want to compare it I can show you what the demo store actually looks like. So this is the demo store, and this is what our products look like without the chameleon skin on our WordPress site. As you can see the colours are different, and the fonts are different. Blue is a little bit darker, and the font is with serif.

That’s it, it is as easy as that to integrate to WordPress. If you want to take it a little bit further, you can go to Appearance and Widgets and you will have access to a bunch of different things that you can add. For example if you are using side bars, you can add an Ecwid badge if you want to promote Ecwid at the same time. I wouldn’t really recommend this but more importantly you could add a product search right within your site. You could add recently viewed products. You could add a shopping cart.

There is a whole bunch of new options that you have with the Ecwid plugin. And, here it all appears here, so shopping bag, search bar, recently viewed products, and our shop. If I click on a few things it will probably show some recently viewed products. And yep, you can see them appear here in the widget on the side.

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How to add your ecwid store ANY OTHER WEBSITE



Video Transcript

Hi this is Daniella from and today I’m going to show you how to integrate your Ecwid store to any website. Now we are going to use Weebly as an example, and I actually have a specific video on Weebly, so go check out that video if you want to learn how to embed your Ecwid store to Weebly. But we are using the Weebly editor just as an example. If your site has HTML which it probably does, then you can embed your Ecwid store code.

So what we are going to do is we are going to go to our Ecwid control panel. We are going to go to Settings, and then scroll down under General and Store Profile, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Reopen Wizard” if it is closed. If your Wizard is already open access it directly right here but if it is closed, go through Settings. What you are going to do here is you are going to click on Yes I have a website, under Create Store, and say Other Platform.

This is where you will have access to your store code to embed it. So we are just gonna grab this. Copy it. In our example we are gonna need to use this but in your example you just paste it wherever you want to put it on your website. And then paste your store code. As you can see here our store now appears on our website.

So if you want to add Categories, your Mini Cart or A Search Box, just grab this extra code and paste it to your website. Like I said, Weebly gives access to an app so it would be much better to use the app
but if you have a website and you are using code, then this is the code you will need
and it uses your store ID right here. So that is all.

I hope that this tutorial to integrate your Ecwid store to any website was useful to you. If you have any questions please post them in the comments below. Thank you 🙂



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